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Dear Doctor,
I would like to introduce to you a patient 14 years old with neurofibroma.
This patient is from Uganda but we would like her to get a better life. Therefore I request to know if you can handle such a case. I will send all the necessary documents and test and give all the history needed. The patient has got sponsors ready to pay for her bills.
I will be glad wit a quick response.

the best thing to do is to send an email to i cannot make any promises but hopefully one of our surgeons can help.


I appreciate very much if you can inform me how can I get my Attendence Certificate corresponding to the last Facial Plastic Surgery held in Washington on September 2012.

Thank you very much.
Bernardo Vivas

you can contact caryl at

clinical trials

Hi my name is Anthony Campfield. I have been taking antiretroviral drugs over 20 years. I have developed atrophy. My face has sunken in on both sides and on the temper region. I have tried sculptra but to no avail. Is there a clinical trial that i could get into to restore my face to almost permanent? This condition has cause me to have low self esteem and confidence. Thanks, your help would be deeply appreciated.

I am currently unaware of any “clinical trials” for corrective HIV related volume loss. however, there are many fillers that are both temporary and permanent other than Sculptra that may be able to work better for you. i would consult a facial plastic surgeon in your area. see the list of members on this Web site.

facial surgery

Hi,i am 24 years old i have a big scar on the right side of the face,after a fire accident i have it,can you help me with a surgery or something to remove it,thank you.

A burn injury is different from a linear scar. If it is just a linear scar then the scar is removed and a camouflaging technique like a geometric broken line or w-plasty would be used to make the straight line harder to see. if the scar is contracted and misaligned, a z-plasty can be used. dermabrasion could follow that to help with further camouflage.

if there is a larger area of your face burned and the skin does not look good, you would have most likely to rotate tissue from an adjacent area into the scarred area to remove it. ideally, you would not use a skin graft because it typically does not have as good color and texture match as tissue that is just adjacent to the burn. fortunately, the cheek typically has abundant tissue near it for rotation if the burn is not large. at 24 years of age, your skin may be a bit tighter though than say someone 70 years of age.

in summary, you really need to contact a facial plastic surgeon (you can find one near you in the locate a surgeon section of this Web site). i hope you find a solution to your problem.


Dr Swanepoel is not registered with the Reconstructive and Plastic Association in South Africa but a member of your Academy. I am planning on a revision rhinoplasty, can you recommend Dr Swanepoel’s services ? Thank you

Thank you for your question. However, this Website does not allow us to make recommendations specific to any member or non-member for that matter. Best of luck finding the right surgeon for you.

about my Burnt face Case…

When he was a 9 month old baby, he was lying in a swing, his innocent sister burnt him with a match stick. His face got burnt from one side coz he was lying one sided!….i am cousin of Shees… Any Question Sir….!!!

Humanity Organization i am hopeful for my our face treatment because i belong to poor families…i wanna enjoy the normal life, i will a lots thankful to you… …!!!

yes, like the other post you can email ann at for info about our Face to Face program.

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Permanent Dome Sutures

How effective is the use of permanent dome sutures for narrowing the nostrils?

This is less radical than alar base reduction and does not run the risk of asymmetries.

Please advise.

Good question. As a surgeon, I cannot provide my personal opinion here as I represent the Academy in a broad statement. I can say that some surgeons believe that the method is highly effective, whereas others believe that the method is short lived. Unfortunately, you will encounter variable thoughts in your research of the best method for alar base reduction. One way that I know of that helps to limit the unnatural shape of the alar rim is known as a “Sheen flap” that preserves the natural arc of the nose and is what I use when I do alar base reductions so that you don’t get that pinched look where you are missing the “nasal sill”, the part of the nostril that curves back onto the face or upper lip.

Under eye bags !!

Is there anything that can be done about these horrible bags under my eyes? They are always there, it is not due to lack of sleep, etc…

Anyway, I hear about so many treatments on the face and eyes…crows feet, brow lifts, etc… but never about bags.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

My answer is that eyebags are a very complex entity or at least can be. If you have truly an eye bag that is there all the time then it could be related to excess fat, which can be removed either through a tiny incision on the skin surface or through inside the eyelid without an incision. Skin may need to be removed through a pinch method or alternative if there is extra there. If the skin is loose, resurfacing with a laser or a peel can also help. Neurotoxin (like Botox) can help slow down and improve moving wrinkles and prevent static wrinkles over time. Sometimes many surgeons believe that there is not an excess of fat but a hollowness to the bony rim below that if you put fillers or fat grafting there that it can manage the hollowness and thereby cover the exposed eyebag. Other times a combination of some fat removal and placing some fat can help. If you are confused by the many ways to approach an eyebag, I am sorry about that but there are so many ways to do it depending on your problem and the surgeon’s preferred choice of addressing it. You can find a facial plastic surgeon in your area to help you with your problem but looking at the map of surgeons on this Web site. Good luck!

I am a 21 year old girl from india and i am a victim of burn injury

Sir/Ma’am,I have the honor to state that I am a 21 year old girl from India and I am a victim of burn injury. I have sustained about 15% burns which includes the entire left half of my face covering eye, ear, lips and part of nose plus right arm and shoulder.I have consulted few doctors in the past who were all of general opinion that they would be grafting skin there after taking it from elsewhere from my body.I was thinking of late to feature my condition through your academy.I have been in this condition for the past 10 years. I wear a cotton bandage on my face in order to cover my affected area which is already healed by now.This accident took place in 2002 8th january.If required i will send you my photographs having the wound. I aim to get consulted by the best of doctors since i value all of their opinions, and i know this would become much easy after it gets broadcasted through your esteemed society.Kindly extend your helping hand in my already dilapidated conditon.I shall remain highly obliged to your kindself for the needful. I hope to hear from your kind end soon.

Thanking you,With best regards,Richa

I am sorry to hear of your situation. You can email to see if you qualify for services and if we have someone to help you.=)