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I am a second year registrar resident in otorhino laryngology

Question: Good day,I am a second year registrar/resident in otorhinolaryngology, head and neck surgery, training at the Universitas Academic Hospital, University of the Free State in South Africa.I have an interest in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery. Unfortunately there is no fellowship in South Africa offering training in this subspecialty. My question is if South African qualified ENT Head & Neck Surgeons are eligible to do a fellowship in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery at any of the institutions affiliated to the Australasian Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery.Thank you.Sincerely.Dr Michael Bekker MBChB

Answer: I don’t know the answer to that question since this website really represents only the American Academy of Facial Plastic Surgeons.

I got cut in my face 8 years ago i would like to have them remove

Question: Am 36 years old I got cut in my face 8years ago I would like to have them remove I realy dont know were to go are who to talk with to see if they can be remove .can someone please help me

Answer: The best thing to do is to find a surgeon on our member list (just go to the map on the home page and find a list of surgeons near your area). remember when a scar revision is performed, the goal is not to eliminate the scar but to make the line very hard to see by creating an irregular fine line like via a geometric broken line repair, w-plasty, etc. that tricks the eye into not being able to see it well. That is the art and the science of scar revision.

I am interested in the charity face to face

Question: Hello, I am interested in the charity “Face to Face” . I understand you work with them and they do pro-bono or charitable surgery and that would include on birth defects? My younger brother Anthony lives near Houston, is 46 yrs old and born with a very large Nevus Sebascious on the entire left side of his face, including down the neck and up into and above his left eye. He is partially blind in that eye and was born with a lazy eye. At the time, my parents were told by several doctors nothing could be done for him. I am wondering now with advances in plastic surgery if he can get help for removal of this large, highly raised birth defect? As you can imagine he grew up being teased and stared at, which was very hard on him. He does not have insurance nor the money to have any type of surgery, so I am looking to see if there is a charity that can give him hope for the future and help him with his very large birth defect. I can provide photos as jpegs if you can provide an email address for me to send them. Thank you for any advice or suggestions for him. You just do not know what this could mean to him and his family. Thank you for your time and again, I can provide photos of him. His name is Anthony D. Kemp (Andy) and I am his older sister, Lori Kemp – Smith and I live in Austin, Texas. My ph: 512-461-1391, Andy and my elderly mother are at phone: 281-344-9442. Bless you for any guidance or if you know of another charity that can help, it would be much appreciated. Sincerely, Lori K. Smith

Answer: I am sorry to hear of your situation. I have forwarded your information to Ann who is in charge of Face to Face. I hope we can help you.

I paid 20000 to a plastic surgeon for cosmetic surgery and backed out the night before

Question: I paid $20,000 to a plastic surgeon for cosmetic surgery and backed out the night before the surgery due to being scared. The Dr. has not returned my money and I have called the office twice. Is it legal for him to keep it?

Answer: Obviously, I cannot answer this question because I do not know what contract you signed with him. Sometimes individuals sign contracts that state a no-refund policy or that no refund is possible if done within 2 weeks of surgery or something to that effect. I do not know what agreement you have signed. Obviously, $20,000 is a lot of money. However, also understand that when someone cancels the night before surgery, the surgeon has paid for staff and OR time and cannot get that back either. I think it is always best to speak with your surgeon about what agreement you guys had before hand.

What is the cost for stitching a laceration one in the hairline a veritcal on forhead and horizontal on forehead


Answer: this really depends on the surgeon doing it for you. i really cannot answer that question. however, in general if you have a laceration, it should be sewn up within 12 hours of the injury ideally.

I got holes and red colour in my face and those replacing by having a surgeory does it possible or not

Question: i have pimples those were cleared and by means i got holes and red colour in my face and those replacing by having a surgeory .does it possible or not

Answer: I am not certain as you your question exactly. However, many pimples that lead to holes typically heal over time. You should probably speak with a dermatologist regarding this question.

what is a mechanical brow ptosis? how is it repaired with plastic surgery?

I am not too certain why the word “mechanical” has been added to the term brow ptosis. I assume that this refers to aging brow ptosis as opposed to brow ptosis arising from nerve damage or stroke, for example. With that assumption in mind, then brow ptosis, which for the layperson just means eyebrow sagging, can be treated through a variety of methods, some of which can be used in combination. For example, a browlift can help elevate the sagging brow, which is the most direct method of repair. There are several ways to do this: an endoscopic browlift is performed by small incisions and ports for endoscopic equipment to help lift the brow up. Some facial plastic surgeons believe that a more “open” approach like what is called a coronal or pretrichial browlift is preferred because they have more predictably in elevating the brow but unfortunately the downside is potentially longer recovery time, more prolonged numbness, and a longer incision. Sometimes a “blepharoplasty” or cosmetic eyelid surgery can be done as an alternative or in combination with a browlift for optimal results. Whether to do one, both or the other depends on what a surgeon sees and also what he believes would be best for you. Finally, many surgeons today also look at the brow as undergoing deflation more than sagging or gravitational descent and therefore prefer using fillers and/or fat grafting to help supplement or replace traditional lifting procedures. As you can see, there are many ways to address sagging brows. A consultation with a facial plastic surgeon (see the map on this Web site to help you find one) can help you with your aesthetic desires for facial enhancement.

My side profile depresses me its ruining my life i have a really short face and my jaws are way out can you look at my pics and advice me

Question: Hi my side profile depresses me,its ruining my life I have a really short face and my jaws are way out.can you look at my pics and advice me please I’m desperate.

Answer: I am sorry that your profile is depressing you. Unfortunately, this Web site is not intended to give personal consultations. You should find a facial plastic surgeon on this Web site in your area for a consultation to discuss your concerns.

i had a motor cycle accident left with a facial scar on the right cheek of my face

Question: I had a motor cycle accident when I was 10,and left with a facial scar on the right cheek of my face.I like to know if I could send some pictures and get some advice and consultation on it? Thank you for time.

Answer: Thanks for the question. This Web site forum is intended for answering general questions but not for giving specific medical advice. You need to find a qualified facial plastic surgeon (listed geographically on this site) for an in-person consultation to see what would be your best options.

i was wondering the cost of facial plastic surgery

Question: I was wondering the cost of Facial Plastic Surgery. I was born with a condition that made the left side of my body larger than the right (More than a normal person) and it causes changes in my face (Redness and swell like changes on my face.) What would be the cost of that kind of surgery? Thank you for your time.

Answer: This is not an easy question since it is virtually impossible to make one side of the face the same as the other. There are also so many techniques to perform that procedure that include facial fillers to facial fat grafting to make the smaller size bigger and possibly cutting away techniques to reduce the other side. It is not clear what you would need and also the cost depends on who is performing the procedure. I think it is something that you must find a respected facial plastic surgeon to ask that question in a one-on-one consultation.