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American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Is it possible to have two operations at the same time?

Question:Can I have a facelift and rhinoplasty at the same time?

Answer: In short yes. It depends on the health of the patient to have a longer procedure performed and if the surgeon is qualified to do both procedures and is willing to spend that time doing both procedures. Some surgeons may elect to split the procedure into two separate procedures; whereas some may desire to do both at the same time.

2 thoughts on “Is it possible to have two operations at the same time?

  1. My title is Hannah, I’ve just lately teunrd 14 years old, and I hate my nose. I’ve spent a lengthy time pondering about finding a nose task due to the fact of how significantly time I’m wasting worrying about it. It Is big, has arch, is really spherical at the end, and distracts from all my other facial features (please do not request my to deliver pictures). I’m not searching for you to tell me I Am lovely in my personal way due to the fact I know what’s rather and hideous about myself and I won’t believe you. I do not take into account myself vain or needy and this just isn’t to get boys (which I’ve had not dilemma with), it’s for me to wake up in the early morning figuring out that I would not invest over two hrs of my day stressing over one issue and to come to feel great about myself. At college I in no way sit sideways and try out to avoid individuals viewing my profile as a lot as possible. Folks have pointed it out just before and stated some nasty things to me but never ever persistently though, every single that occurs I stop up on the brink of tears. Whenever I chuckle I cover it, sometimes at evening I dream of finding rhinoplasty, but when I wake up my nose is nevertheless there and I will not want to get out of mattress and live in the actual environment where men and women are continually criticizing based on looks. I’ve extensively accomplished my analysis and I Am informed of the cost, side outcomes (bruising/ infection, etc), treatment (open vs. closed), recovery time, as effectively as the pluses. I’m aware that I’m also young to safely get plastic surgery, and that looks never establish people, but I never want to be defined by one attribute like I am today. The value isn’t really a problem, but I do not know what my mothers and fathers will think. Although she never ever talks about it, my Aunt had Rhinoplastly when she teunrd eighteen and I’ve been contemplating about asking her about it. I Am just asking yourself when I should begin speaking about it, and to who? And if I Am ready to go underneath the knife sometime in the future?

  2. Because you are under age, I really should not be answering your question until your parents speak to you about whether it would be appropriate in the future for having a rhinoplasty. I am sorry that I cannot truly give you advice on this site.

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