Satellite Symposiums

Industry Sponsored Events

We have several Non-CME Corporate Satellite Symposia taking place throughout the meeting. Stop by for added networking and learning opportunities.
These events are not part of the official AAFPRS CME activity.


NON-CME Luncheon | 12:10 - 1:00 PM
Sponsored by The Fortune Law Firm
MythBusters: Myths doctors believe regarding taxes, lawsuits, and estate planning that put your life and practice at risk. Are you overpaying your taxes? Is your business structure helping you or putting you at risk? Is your family protected if something happens to you?  Come and listen to former FBI Special Agent Art McOmber as he shows you how the most expensive cost in your life is being a victim of ignorance to tax law, lawsuits, and probate.


NON-CME Breakfast Symposium | 6:40-7:40 AM

Lunch and Learn in the Exhibit Hall | 12:45 PM
Sponsored by Rohrer Aesthetics
Building a Successful and Profitable Medical
Speaker: Sheila C. Barbarino, MD, FACS
The dilemma facing the 21st century medical practice is “how to be all things to all patients and still maintain a thriving business.” In order to keep pace with the latest trends, technology, and competition, a successful medical practice must offer multiple devices to meet their patients’ needs. In most cases, the average cost for each energy-based device is close to or exceeds $100,000. So how does the medical practice acquire the needed technology without breaking the bank? 

NON-CME  Satellite Symposium, Young Physician Event | 7:30 PM–9 PM
Sponsored by Galderma Laboratories
The AART™ of GAIN and GAIN Business:  Where AARTistry meets Business. 
Speakers: Michael Somenek, MD and Scott Melamed
Growing your aesthetic practice with Galderma’s broad portfolio of aesthetic injectable products and services.  


NON-CME Breakfast Symposium | 6:40-7:40 AM
Sponsored by Allergan Aesthetics
Connecting to the Aesthetics Patient throughout their Digital Journey
Speakers: Nate Ng, Director, Digital Marketing and Sonia Shams,Allergan Digital Consultant
Discover how patients are introduced to and learn about aesthetic treatments and which messages they’ll be most receptive to throughout that process. 

NON-CME Lunch and Learn in the Exhibit Hall | 12:45 PM 
Sponsored by Sofwave
Sofwave Next Generation Facial + Neck Treatment
Speakers: Yael Halaas, MD and Amy B. Lewis, MD
Sofwave™ is the Next Generation, FDA Cleared, Non-Invasive Wrinkle Reduction and Lifting Treatment for the Face & Neck.
NON-CME Satellite Symposium | 6:20 PM–8 PM
Sponsored by Allergan Aesthetics

A Duo to Talk About & Introducing JUVEDERM® VOLUX XC

An exciting opportunity to help assess and educate patients.


NON-CME Lunch and Learn in the Exhibit Hall | 12:45 PM 
Sponsored by Cartessa Aesthetics
Speaker: Yael Halaas, MD 
Moderator: Raechel Lowe, Director of Quanta Technologies
NanoFrax is an innovative laser treatment that can treat various indications on ALL skin types. There is little to no downtime and it uses fractionated short pulse durations on multiple wavelengths. It is a non-ablative treatment that encourages new healthy tissue growth and is indicated for treating pigment, scars, tone and texture.

(These sponsored events are not a part of the AAFPRS Foundation’s CME activity.)