Join us in New Orleans, for hands-on training, unparalleled education, and networking with your peers. This year’s refreshed, reimagined program features outstanding educators, relevant content, and ample opportunities to enhance your skills and take your practice to the next level.

#AAFPRS2024 isn't just for physicians. The AAFPRS Annual Meeting also offers vital education to practice managers, nurse injectors, estheticians, physician assistants, surgical coordinators, and patient care coordinators who are looking to sharpen their skills, share insights, and learn strategies to boost their practice. You can choose from a variety of presentations and workshops covering a clinical and business/marketing topics, such as:

  • Assessment, Consultation and Treatment for Facial Balancing
  • Biostimulators
  • Considerations for Treating Patients with Diverse Skin Types
  • How to Start or Grow Your Injectable Business
  • Integrating RF Microneedling Into Your Injectable Practice
  • Emerging Trends in Aesthetic Medicine
  • Incorporating Hyperbaric Oxygen Into Your Practice
    Injectable Safety
  • Microtox
  • The Art of Subtlety in Non-Surgical Aesthetics
  • The Ultimate Guide to Morpheus8 Treatments
  • Topical Collagen: Impacts on Facial Skin
  • Using Lasers to Elevate your Injectables Practice
  • 5 Characteristics of High Performing Practices
  • Converting New Leads into Happy Patients
  • Coordinating Care Between Clinical Patients and the Surgical Team
  • Enhancing the Patient Experience
  • Improving Patient Satisfaction with Artificial Intelligence and Automation
  • Managing Patient Expectations
  • Management of Postoperative Complications
  • Office Workflow Optimization
  • Patient Coordinator Skills to Support a Platinum Practice
  • Patient Education
  • Team Building
  • The Art of the Follow-Up: How to Keep Your Patients Coming Back for More
  • And much more!


The workshops below a may be of specific interest to this audience. A complete list of special courses, can be viewed here.

 Patient Coordinator Skills to Support a Platinum Practice 

Enhance your skills at this special workshop hosted by industry expert Karen Zupko.
Patient Care Coordinators are active members of the care team and play a vital role within their practice. Because they work one-on-one with patients, it’s imperative that their customer service and communication skills are second to none. Whether you are a new patient care coordinator (PCC), a seasoned aesthetic surgeon, or a patient services team manager with ten years of experience, refreshers and new ideas for handling objections are always in style!

It's highly recommended for experienced patient care counselors who may fall into “this is the way we’ve always done it” syndrome. New patient care coordinators will find that they leave with confidence and enthusiasm. You will receive a workbook to follow along during the presentation and to take home afterwards.

•Objectively assess the effectiveness of your consultation flow and see how it might be improved.
•Enhance your skills in guiding “prospects” to becoming scheduled patients.
•Discuss how to implement a consultation fee successfully.
•Recognize why measuring Patient Acceptance Rates (PAR) by procedure is so important.
•Identify how to reduce “no shows” and enhancing scheduling effectiveness.
•Acquire the ability to handle fee objections capably and confidently.

This workshop takes place from 1:30 PM–6 PM on Thursday, October 24, and requires an additional registration fee; it is only offered to individuals who have registered for the AAFPRS Annual Meeting. 


 Ultrasound for Aesthetic Injectors 

Gain competence and learn to inject more confidently by using ultrasound imaging for cosmetic filler treatments. With ultrasound you will be able to see the facial anatomy underneath the skin, which leads to safer injections, better results, and increased patient satisfaction.

Taught by Steven F. Weiner, MD, a world-renowned expert in non-invasive and minimally invasive cosmetic procedures, this course combines didactic education with hands-on training for a comprehensive learning experience. It is designed for Physicians, Nurse Injectors, and Physician Assistants who are involved in managing filler complications and want to take their skills–and their practice–to the next level. A certificate of completion will be provided after the meeting.

This workshop takes place from 1:30 PM–6 PM on Friday, October 25 and requires an additional registration fee; it is only offered to individuals who have registered for the AAFPRS Annual Meeting. 

•Understand Ultrasound Science and Terminology
•How Normal Facial Anatomy Appears on Ultrasound
•Dermal Filler Ultrasound Characteristics
•Understand How Filler Complications Appear on Ultrasound 
•Understand Ultrasound Guided Injections
•New Vascular Occlusion Treatment Using Ultrasound

•How to Incorporate Ultrasound into an Injector’s Practice 
•How Ultrasound Can Assist in Complication Management
•Learn New Vascular Occlusion Protocols
•Ability to Use an Ultrasound for Evaluating a Live Patient Through Hands-On Training

 Local MedSpa Visit  

Social media and online reviews have changed how patients choose their doctors. Negative or positive interactions with your team can be shared in real-time to anyone who searches for information about your practice. Now, more than ever, providing positive patient experiences–from start to finish–is essential to running a successful practice. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to visit a local practice, where you will learn how its team ensures their patients receive a five-star experience. During your visit, you’ll get an overview of a patient’s journey from the first visit and consultation through procedure check-in and post-procedure follow-up. You'll gain tips and takeaways you can implement in your practice. Topics include:

•Role of Each Staff Member
•How a Clinical Care Team Can Make a Practice More Efficient
•Ways to Ensure Product Purchases Don’t Overextend the Budget
•Options for Discussing Other Procedures
•Education on Skin Care Products
•Treatments and Injection Demos
•and much more!

This offsite tour is scheduled from 7–11 AM on Saturday, October 26; it is included with your registration fee.

Live Filler Injection & Liquid Rhinoplasty Demo

Nonsurgical and minimally invasive techniques are a critical component to a facial plastic surgeon’s practice. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn tips, tricks, and techniques for ensuring beautiful results! Attend this event to hone your skills and learn how to better tailor your treatments to meet the needs and desires of your patients.

This event is scheduled from 1:30–3:30 PM on Saturday, October 26 , and is included with your registration fee.