Leslie Bernstein Grants Program

The Leslie Bernstein Grants Program is generously funded by an endowment from Leslie Bernstein, MD, DDS.

Important Deadline Information

Applicants for the Leslie Bernstein Resident Research, Investigator Development and Bernstein Grants must submit a letter of intent by December 15 or first business day thereafter and their proposals for review by the Centralized Otolaryngology Research Efforts (C.O.R.E.) and the AAFPRS Foundation’s Research Committee by Jan. 15 or first business day thereafter.

Please visit ENT’s C.O.R.E. for additional grant information and to access the on-line electronic letter of intent and application submission website.

Failure to comply with the particular requirements and format outlined in the guidelines may result in disqualification of an entry. The official application must be completed and submitted with your proposal.

Two $5,000 Resident Research Grants, one $15,000 Investigator Development Grant, and one $25,000 Bernstein Grant may be awarded yearly. Follow-up reports are required from all grant recipients.

Note: The AAFPRS Foundation is a not-for-profit organization under tax code 501c(3). As such, all research grant monies are provided to fund direct costs related to the research as described in the application submitted. If university policy stipulates that a portion of such grant monies must go toward indirect costs, no more than ten percent (10%) of the total costs may be applied for indirect costs.

All research grant monies awarded are intended to fund direct costs related to the research as described in the grant proposal.

Follow-Up Reports Required Of Grant Recipients

  • Award recipient must
    • remain an AAFPRS member in good standing through the completion of research;
    • submit your research for publication in the AAFPRS’ official journal, JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery;
    • be present at the AAFPRS Fall Meeting to receive your certificate;
    • present research at a AAFPRS Fall Meeting or if not granted by the Program Committee to present, submit an abstract of your completed research.
    • recognize the AAFPRS whenever research is published or presented;
    • respond to six- and twelve-month progress reports; submit a final report to the AAFPRS Foundation within 6 months after the completion of study. Also include a revised financial statement or summar of funds used for the project.
    • The final report must be submitted for publication in the JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery. Once you have submitted your final paper to JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery for publication, and if the JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery does not accept your manuscript, you are encouraged to submit it to other journals of your choice.
    • Failure to comply to the above guidelines may result in the AAFPRS Foundation to claim the grant monies back.