Resident Research Grant

The purpose of the Resident Research Grant is to stimulate resident research in projects that are well-conceived and scientifically valid.

Applicants must be residents who are AAFPRS members. Residents at any level may apply even if the research work will be done during their fellowship year. All applicants are required to have sponsorship and oversight of the department chair or by an AAFPRS member as mentor.

Applicants must submit their proposal by January 15 for review by the C.O.R.E. and the AAFPRS Foundation’s Research Committee. Up to two resident grants of $5,000 each may be awarded to residents who are AAFPRS members. Grants will be made to resident applicant upon receipt of the signed agreement. Residents are encouraged to enter early in their training so that their applications may be revised and resubmitted if not accepted the first time. Grant recipients must complete their work in one (1) to two (2) years with interim reports due each year. An extension is possible upon written request to the Research Committee.

Signatures, Format, And Approvals
The applicant is required to submit all information as outlined in the C.O.R.E. application in the format indicated.

Failure to comply with particular requirements (and format) may result in disqualification of an entry.

Reporting Requirement
Recipients of the Leslie Bernstein Resident Research Grant are required to complete an interim report every year until the completion of the project. At the completion of the project the recipient is required to submit a final report in a form suitable for publication in the JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery, the Financial Report Form provided by the AAFPRS Foundation, and an abstract to present at the next appropriate fall meeting. The final report must include the department chair’s or AAFPRS mentor’s signature. Recipients are to submit their results for publication in the JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery.

The original proposal and all other requirements must be submitted to C.O.R.E. no later than January 15 or the next business day thereafter. All applicants must be AAFPRS resident members.