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Domestic Violence Victom

My name is Courtney and I saw Face to Face while researching grants for woman and domestic violence. I have been looking into starting a support group for woman as I am a survivor of a 5 yr domestic violence relationship. I am writing to you because during this relationship, I began picking at my skin. It became a nervous habit that I used to numb myself from the pain and reality of my life. Picking created an escape for me. You can imagine the damage that I caused myself. It has been a constant reminder of that pain and what I have overcome every time I look in the mirror. It affects my self esteem and self worth more then I can share with you and was afraid that these scars would forever be a part of me until I saw your website and caught a glimmer of hope. I am reaching out to you and asking for your help in healing. My ultimate goal is to get these scars removed and to reach out to other woman. I feel that I have a purpose in life and that purpose is to reach out to women who are going through what I did in hopes of helping as many as I can. I would love to share my story of survival with you. I cant even tell you what you would be doing for me if you made this dream come true for me.
I pray to hear a reply,

Hi Courtney,
Let me get you in touch with Ann to whom you should send your email:


I was in a real bad car accident in 2002 that had resulted in me having lasterations too my face I was wondering is it possible for me to get free reconstruct surgery for my face after that accident I just feel depress and ugly that accident changed my hole life

I don’t think you can get a free procedure for a traumatic injury but insurance (hopefully you have) should cover the procedure. if you have questions email ann at

Neck lift & facial rejuvenation

I am interested in the best procedure for this. More surgery above the neck or full face fat transfer.

There are so many ways to perform procedures to look better including neck lifting, fat transfer, etc. You should look at our listing of facial plastic surgeons in your area to find the best person for you.

Ugly face

hello my name is jarred mora
an im tired of people looking weird at me, i just cant handle the ew looks, i want a face of hansome person, a face that would turns heads, well turn heads like who is that guy wow, everyday i have to look away at people because im so ugly, so i was wondering how much does a facial plastic surgery cost, an will it make me more hansome, a face of a hansome guy?

i am sorry that you feel that way about yourself. sometimes it is not about your looks but the way you feel and project yourself to others that make you feel that they are reacting negatively. plastic surgery oftentimes cannot completely transform someone into another person but can make a person look better in subtle and sometimes substantial ways. it is important also that you maybe seek a psychologist out to help you with this decision making as you do not want to have what is known as body dysmorphic disorder, which can negatively affect your impression of your surgical result. in consultation with a psychologist (possibly) and a facial plastic surgeon can help you achieve your stated desires.


Can anyone recommend this technique for removal of deep melomental folds? How about in conjunction with PRP or Adipose derived stem cell transfer?

This Web site is not intended to recommend a procedure or not unfortunately. It is meant to make very broad statements that may help you understand options that are available. I personally do not have any experience with subcision for melomental folds but I have had bad experiences doing this for nasolabial folds. I don’t think PRP or stem cells would add a significant benefit.

lower face lift

How does the lower face-lift differ in tightening of the checks or appearance of checks from a MACS-Lift ?

Answer: When you say lower facelift, that is a generic term whereas MACS lift is a specific term for a specific type of facelift. The MACS stands for minimal access cranial suspension lift in which tissues are lifted vertically and suspended to the bone of the arch in the outer cheek. There is not one right way to do a facelift and results really depend on the combination of the right procedure for you and the right Facial Plastic Surgeon who performs it. You can look for surgeons in your area in the Find a Surgeon section of this Web site. Best of luck!


I can not afford an otoplasty, just wondering if any doctors know of any traing students who need patients to train on for an otoplasty

unfortunately, that question lies beyond the scope of this forum in which just general questions about procedures are asked.

surgeons in Maryland

Hello. I wanted to inquire about if there is a Face to Face program in Maryland or plastic surgeons who practice in Maryland who are affiliated with this program. Also, is the Face to Face program only for victims of domestic violence or does it fund plastic surgery for women with extreme medical depression due to disatisfication with their physical appearance.

i don’t know the answer to the question but you can contact for more information. =)


I have Kelorids on my ears and looking for a sergeon to remove them. I was told I got tme because I hade a face lift and the sergeon did not pull the stitches tight enought.

I doubt the keloid was caused by a facelift that was not pulled tight enough. There are many ways to treat keloids from surgery by itself or surgery plus radiation. If surgery is done without radiation then you need to have steroids or other injectables to keep it from coming back.

Radio Frequency

I am looking for some guidance on purchasing a radio frequency machine for my home use. I am not sure what megahertz strength I need to have in order produce good results. Also, what type of watts strength does the machine need to have to be powerful enough.
Thank you
Kay Peyton
Connersville, IN

Unfortunately, on this website I cannot promote products. This is meant just for general information. =)