Capital Campaign

Campaign Update

The Many Faces of Generosity Campaign Culminates
at 2012 Annual Meeting in Washington, DC

The Many Faces of Generosity capital campaign culminated at the 2012 Annual Meeting in Washington, DC, on September 7 at the Carnegie Institute for Science. The evening celebrated the vision of AAFPRS leaders that was years in the making by exceeding the goal to secure $4 million in gifts and pledges to support three key pillars identified by AAFPRS members:

  1. Educational Excellence – The New Face of Education for the Next Generation
  2. Research – Changing Our Culture Through Research and Evidence-Based Medicine, and;
  3. Humanitarian Programs – Launching FACE TO FACE to New Heights

These funds will be used to finance key projects currently under development by the Foundation.

  1. The implementation of a world class, web-based Educational Portal for members with appropriate corporate interaction. The AAFPRS aims to be at the forefront of on-line education by developing a web-based education and information portal that will provide members with access to training and information as they need it, not just when it is available.
  2. Provide grants to AAFPRS members to expand our research efforts beyond the current grant programs. This includes offering to AAFPRS member’s academic training in the quantitative and methodological principles of clinical research design, research management, and statistical analysis. Long term consideration will be given to whether a separate entity to conduct independent research studies, possibly supported through corporate sponsors, is viable for the AAFPRS. The Academy is dedicated to improving patient outcomes and seeks to change the culture through research and evidence-based medicine.
  3. Support to take the AAFPRS’ Humanitarian Program: FACE TO FACE to the next level.

Approximately 150 individuals attended the private reception where both corporate and member donors were thanked and acknowledged for their support. Vito Quatela, MD and Jonathan Sykes, MD, National Co-Chairs for the campaign effort, kicked off the event by welcoming all the attendees and thanking them for their support and generosity.  All committee members of the National Steering Committee were invited to stand and receive everyone’s sincere appreciation for their dedication and perseverance in making the vision a reality.

Sam Most, MD provided the donors with an overview of the plans for the Research Center while Ted Cook, MD, spoke to the audience about the plans to expand the FACE TO FACE programs.

Guest speaker, Ms Simone Karp, Founder and Chief Business Officer, CECity spoke to the design of the Educational Portal. CECity has been selected as the vendor to assist the Foundation with the design, development and implementation of the proposed portal. Ms. Karp provided the donors with a description on how AAFPRS members will be able to use the portal for their continuing education needs.

Edwin Williams, MD, Co-Chair of the Corporate Committee for the campaign asked his Co-Chair, Mr. Richard Linder, President and CEO, PCA Skin and Jennifer Linder, M, Chief Scientific Officer, PCA SKin to join him on stage to personally thank each of the companies that provided financial support to the campaign effort.  Joining Dr. Williams, Mr. Linder and Dr. Linder on stage were representatives from:

  • CareCredit – Gold Circle
  • LifeCell – Gold Circle
  • Candace Crowe Design – Platinum Circle
  • Ellman International, Inc. – Platinum Circle
  • Lumenis – Platinum Circle
  • Obagi Medical – Platinum Circle
  • Ulthera – Platinium Circle
  • Valeant Aesthetics – Platinum Circle
  • Medicis – Benefactor’s Circle

Dr. Williams took the opportunity to offer a special thank you to his Co-Chair, Mr. Linder, as PCA Skin was the very first corporate donor to the campaign with a Leadership Circle contribution of $150,000.

Dr. Quatela closed the program by making a special announcement that earlier in the day he was able to speak with the President and Chief Business Officer of Merz Aesthetics, Mr. Dennis Condon, who confirmed a Leadership Circle pledge to the campaign of $100,000.  With this commitment, along with pledges and gifts received from members during the meeting, Dr. Quatela was able to announce to the audience that the campaign exceeded goal with close to $4.1 million in gifts and pledges.

The evening concluded with donors enjoying a special thank you reception in the grand hall of the Carnegie Institute for Science.

The Academy, the Foundation and members of the National Steering Committee wish to express their gratitude to all corporate and member participants of this extraordinary effort.

See below for suggested pictures.

Vito Quatela, MD and Jonathan Sykes, MD, National Campaign Co-Chairs, thank the 241 corporate and member donors for their support.

Jennifer Linder, MD, Edwin Williams, MD, and Mr. Richard Linder thank Marie-Francois Harris, LifeCell (2nd from right) for supporting the campaign.

Campaign donors xxxxx, Jose Barrers, MD and xxxxx enjoy the Private Donor Reception at the Carnegie Institute for Science.

The Carnegie Institute for Science was the venue for a Private Donor Reception to celebrate the culmination of The Many Faces of Generosity campaign where Jonathan Sykes, MD and Vito Quatela, MD announced gifts and pledges of over $4 million.