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Under eye bags !!

Is there anything that can be done about these horrible bags under my eyes? They are always there, it is not due to lack of sleep, etc…

Anyway, I hear about so many treatments on the face and eyes…crows feet, brow lifts, etc… but never about bags.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

My answer is that eyebags are a very complex entity or at least can be. If you have truly an eye bag that is there all the time then it could be related to excess fat, which can be removed either through a tiny incision on the skin surface or through inside the eyelid without an incision. Skin may need to be removed through a pinch method or alternative if there is extra there. If the skin is loose, resurfacing with a laser or a peel can also help. Neurotoxin (like Botox) can help slow down and improve moving wrinkles and prevent static wrinkles over time. Sometimes many surgeons believe that there is not an excess of fat but a hollowness to the bony rim below that if you put fillers or fat grafting there that it can manage the hollowness and thereby cover the exposed eyebag. Other times a combination of some fat removal and placing some fat can help. If you are confused by the many ways to approach an eyebag, I am sorry about that but there are so many ways to do it depending on your problem and the surgeon’s preferred choice of addressing it. You can find a facial plastic surgeon in your area to help you with your problem but looking at the map of surgeons on this Web site. Good luck!

what is a mechanical brow ptosis? how is it repaired with plastic surgery?

I am not too certain why the word “mechanical” has been added to the term brow ptosis. I assume that this refers to aging brow ptosis as opposed to brow ptosis arising from nerve damage or stroke, for example. With that assumption in mind, then brow ptosis, which for the layperson just means eyebrow sagging, can be treated through a variety of methods, some of which can be used in combination. For example, a browlift can help elevate the sagging brow, which is the most direct method of repair. There are several ways to do this: an endoscopic browlift is performed by small incisions and ports for endoscopic equipment to help lift the brow up. Some facial plastic surgeons believe that a more “open” approach like what is called a coronal or pretrichial browlift is preferred because they have more predictably in elevating the brow but unfortunately the downside is potentially longer recovery time, more prolonged numbness, and a longer incision. Sometimes a “blepharoplasty” or cosmetic eyelid surgery can be done as an alternative or in combination with a browlift for optimal results. Whether to do one, both or the other depends on what a surgeon sees and also what he believes would be best for you. Finally, many surgeons today also look at the brow as undergoing deflation more than sagging or gravitational descent and therefore prefer using fillers and/or fat grafting to help supplement or replace traditional lifting procedures. As you can see, there are many ways to address sagging brows. A consultation with a facial plastic surgeon (see the map on this Web site to help you find one) can help you with your aesthetic desires for facial enhancement.

i have asymmetry in my face from a previous surgery is there a possiblity to reconstruct these little deformations in skull

Question: i have an asymmetry in my face from a previous surgery caused little deviation in eyes leveling.and alapse in left there a possiblity to reconstruct these little deformations in skull?

Answer: somethings are possible and somethings are not. asymmetry is one of the hardest things to manage with satisfaction. in my consent forms i have “the two sides of the body are not the same and can never be made the same.” when people chase asymmetry they can get into problems. however, clearly if something is truly asymmetric by more than a few millimeters then that can be unattractive or disfiguring. whether that asymmetry that you have can be fixed or improve really requires an in-person consultation and discussion with a qualified facial plastic surgeon. i always encourage you to go back to your physician for evaluation to make sure that he has a chance to help you, as i certainly would want to know when a patient is dissatisfied so that i could help them.

I’m looking into an eyelid surgery and came across the term blepharoplasty.

Question: Please explain a blepharoplasty procedure?

Answer: Blepharoplasty is the medical term for cosmetic eyelid surgery.  The term describes many different techniques that can be done to improve the aging eyelid appearance in order to make the eyes appear more rejuvenated and youthful.  The major method for blepharoplasty is simply put removing redundant, extra eyelid skin that appears hooded or crepey and that can hang unattractively over the eye.  Sometimes there can also be extra fat that is protruding out, and some surgeons also remove some extra fat during a blepharoplasty.

Other procedures can be combined with blepharoplasty like a browlift for example.  Browlifting, which also can be done by many different methods, is used to lift a sagging brow that could be part of the problem.  Today, more surgeons are recognizing that eyelid aging can be reflective of loss of volume like loss of fat around the eyes.  So some surgeons are putting fat back around the eyes instead of a blepharoplasty or in combination with a blepharoplasty.  In lieu of fat grafting, some surgeons can also put different types of off-the-shelve fillers/injectaables as a substitute for fat.