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Ugly face

hello my name is jarred mora
an im tired of people looking weird at me, i just cant handle the ew looks, i want a face of hansome person, a face that would turns heads, well turn heads like who is that guy wow, everyday i have to look away at people because im so ugly, so i was wondering how much does a facial plastic surgery cost, an will it make me more hansome, a face of a hansome guy?

i am sorry that you feel that way about yourself. sometimes it is not about your looks but the way you feel and project yourself to others that make you feel that they are reacting negatively. plastic surgery oftentimes cannot completely transform someone into another person but can make a person look better in subtle and sometimes substantial ways. it is important also that you maybe seek a psychologist out to help you with this decision making as you do not want to have what is known as body dysmorphic disorder, which can negatively affect your impression of your surgical result. in consultation with a psychologist (possibly) and a facial plastic surgeon can help you achieve your stated desires.


Can anyone recommend this technique for removal of deep melomental folds? How about in conjunction with PRP or Adipose derived stem cell transfer?

This Web site is not intended to recommend a procedure or not unfortunately. It is meant to make very broad statements that may help you understand options that are available. I personally do not have any experience with subcision for melomental folds but I have had bad experiences doing this for nasolabial folds. I don’t think PRP or stem cells would add a significant benefit.

I am a 21 year old girl from india and i am a victim of burn injury

Sir/Ma’am,I have the honor to state that I am a 21 year old girl from India and I am a victim of burn injury. I have sustained about 15% burns which includes the entire left half of my face covering eye, ear, lips and part of nose plus right arm and shoulder.I have consulted few doctors in the past who were all of general opinion that they would be grafting skin there after taking it from elsewhere from my body.I was thinking of late to feature my condition through your academy.I have been in this condition for the past 10 years. I wear a cotton bandage on my face in order to cover my affected area which is already healed by now.This accident took place in 2002 8th january.If required i will send you my photographs having the wound. I aim to get consulted by the best of doctors since i value all of their opinions, and i know this would become much easy after it gets broadcasted through your esteemed society.Kindly extend your helping hand in my already dilapidated conditon.I shall remain highly obliged to your kindself for the needful. I hope to hear from your kind end soon.

Thanking you,With best regards,Richa

I am sorry to hear of your situation. You can email to see if you qualify for services and if we have someone to help you.=)

I paid 20000 to a plastic surgeon for cosmetic surgery and backed out the night before

Question: I paid $20,000 to a plastic surgeon for cosmetic surgery and backed out the night before the surgery due to being scared. The Dr. has not returned my money and I have called the office twice. Is it legal for him to keep it?

Answer: Obviously, I cannot answer this question because I do not know what contract you signed with him. Sometimes individuals sign contracts that state a no-refund policy or that no refund is possible if done within 2 weeks of surgery or something to that effect. I do not know what agreement you have signed. Obviously, $20,000 is a lot of money. However, also understand that when someone cancels the night before surgery, the surgeon has paid for staff and OR time and cannot get that back either. I think it is always best to speak with your surgeon about what agreement you guys had before hand.

what is a mechanical brow ptosis? how is it repaired with plastic surgery?

I am not too certain why the word “mechanical” has been added to the term brow ptosis. I assume that this refers to aging brow ptosis as opposed to brow ptosis arising from nerve damage or stroke, for example. With that assumption in mind, then brow ptosis, which for the layperson just means eyebrow sagging, can be treated through a variety of methods, some of which can be used in combination. For example, a browlift can help elevate the sagging brow, which is the most direct method of repair. There are several ways to do this: an endoscopic browlift is performed by small incisions and ports for endoscopic equipment to help lift the brow up. Some facial plastic surgeons believe that a more “open” approach like what is called a coronal or pretrichial browlift is preferred because they have more predictably in elevating the brow but unfortunately the downside is potentially longer recovery time, more prolonged numbness, and a longer incision. Sometimes a “blepharoplasty” or cosmetic eyelid surgery can be done as an alternative or in combination with a browlift for optimal results. Whether to do one, both or the other depends on what a surgeon sees and also what he believes would be best for you. Finally, many surgeons today also look at the brow as undergoing deflation more than sagging or gravitational descent and therefore prefer using fillers and/or fat grafting to help supplement or replace traditional lifting procedures. As you can see, there are many ways to address sagging brows. A consultation with a facial plastic surgeon (see the map on this Web site to help you find one) can help you with your aesthetic desires for facial enhancement.

What would be the cost for a full face lift?

This web site is intended to answer general questions about facial cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. The cost of a face lift is very variable. It can cost a few thousand dollars or cost 10s of thousands depending on the surgeon’s experience, reputation, results, how he does it, where he does it (in terms of facility), what kind of anesthesia and who is providing the anesthesia, etc. the term “full face lift” can also be very confusing. does that include a “mid face lift”, eyelid procedure, or brow lift? the term “face lift” often implies the lower portion of the face and neck. the word “full” could either mean to include the upper and middle parts of the face or to imply a larger incision or greater more intricate lower face lift. accordingly, you see the confusion is great and you need to ask your surgeons that you are interested in finding what is the breakdown of their costs and what style of face lift are they doing and what parts of the face does it include?

i was in a car accident where i collided with my windshield of my car

Question: I was in a near fatal car accident on Dec.10,2004 where i collided with my windshield of my car. I shattered my skull over my right eye and various other injuries,they repaired my skull in the E.R after the accident with what little bone they could repair the skull with,but the bone over my eye is jagged. Would I have to have reconstruction of the bone over my eye before i undertake facial plastic surgery?

Answer: This is a difficult question to answer that would depend on a qualified facial plastic surgeon evaluating your situation personally. If you are asking if a loss of bone would preclude other cosmetic work, the answer is most likely not if there is protection of other surrounding tissues which would most likely be the case if you have not needed any support in that area. however, reviewing whether any significant scarring or other issues would be important by history and physical examination before a facial plastic surgeon would operate safely on you.

I’ve had severe neck and jaw pain for years, no one has been able to help! Can you look at my MRA or MRI’s?

Question: Would you be willing to look at my MRA and MRI’s on the neck jaw. I’ve been in debilitation, excruciating pain for the past couple of years. My head was twisted, repeatedly and cheeks on and pulled forward repeatedly at the same time my mouth was jarred opened beyond it’s capability. The upper jaw – cheeks were pushed up at the same time the lower jaw was pushed down on excessively. The radiologist cannot seem to find anything that would cause that much pain, but the pain is excruciating from the cheek, running down through the face and ear and into my collar bone and shoulder. Thank you for any help.

Answer: hi,
thanks so much for the question. although i would really like to help you, the point of this forum is to answer general questions and not directly to dispense medical advice to a particular person. hope that you find your answer to help you.

Is there a big difference between a facial plastic surgeon and a general plastic surgeon?

Question:Is it better to use a facial plastic surgeon for facial procedures? Or is a general plastic surgeon acceptable?

Answer: It is important to find a surgeon who is very experienced with the facial procedure that you are wanting to have performed.  Not every facial plastic surgeon performs every facial procedure, and the same is true for plastic surgeons who do body work in addition to facial work.  I believe a consultation with a qualified surgeon who is recognized in the field for the quality of his work for what you are wanting to be done is important.  Word of mouth and referrals are clearly good indications as to who could do the best work for you.