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i had a motorbike accident which gave me a heavy scar on my face

Question: Dear sir/madam I had a motorbike accident in March 2010 which gave me a heavy scar on my face. I wish to inquire if it is possible to remove the scare and if so, how much can it cost me. I will send the face pics to a given email. Thank you

Answer: unfortunately, this web site cannot answer your question directly since it represents the broad view of the many member surgeons who are part of the AAFPRS. however, that being said, a scar that is visible cannot be erased, i.e., the line cannot be entirely eliminated. however, the goal of a scar revision is to make a seemingly obvious line (raised, colored, depressed, linear) into one that is very hard to see using various strategies. for example, a geometric broken line breaks a scar into multiple small geometric limbs so that your eye naturally has a hard time seeing it since the line is converted into a mini zig and zag which makes things less visible. that is the goal of a good scar revision that a very obvious scar from a distance is only noticed really closely or barely at all.

my 31 year old son was bitten on the nose mouth by his dog

Question: My 31 year old son was bitten on the nose/mouth by his dog 2 days ago. The plastic surgeon at Georgetown Medical Center in DC who stitched him up with 15 sutures said he was bitten ” through all 3 layers ” between his upper lip and his nose. 1) to what degree can a resulting scar be minimized? 2) if a prominent scar is unavoidable, is it simplistic to suggest that a moustache can conceal all or nearly all of the scarring?

Answer: 1. a scar will hopefully fade to the point that it cannot be seen. it may need some dermabrasion to manage any small residual presence. sometimes it just heals badly and may need laser and scar injection treatments like 5-fluorouracial (5-FU). silicone gels can also be quite helpful on the wound for the first 9 to 12 weeks. ultimately if the scar heals poorly then in 6 months to a year a formal scar revision can be undertaken to make the scar much less visible. hopefully that won’t be necessary.

2. a mustache maybe needed but if you follow steps in #1, it could be avoided.

I have a question about Reconstructive Surgery.

Question: Hello~ I am writing this morning because I need to find out some information. I was molested tramatically as a child for 13 years and what he did to me, came to the conclusion that I needed like a reconstructive surgery at UCLA of my anal and vagina. When you looked at it, it was one hole, so the doctor went at made it two. Well here we are 12 years after the surgery and I and very insecure about the outcome. I never really worried about it before, because I was married and my husband was with me through the whole process and the aftermath. I am now going through a divorce and this issue is causing a problem with me dating. I am very insecure with what everything looks and feels likes. The main problem seems to be the huge lump towards the back. Another huge concern and this is so embarrassing, but my anal hole is inside a deep pocket. This can also be a sanitary problem…..OMG so embarrassing. I think this is why I have not pressed the issue earlier cause of the embarrassment of everything. My question is I would like to know if it is possible to make me look normal down there like a woman should. I am almost 40 and just beginning to live a happy life after a miserable marriage. If you don’t do this kind of work, can you refer someone that might. They need to be good lol…..see the results from a doc I thought was going to be marvelous from the get go. Please get back to me, for I am hopefully looking to get this started right away.

Answer: hi,
thank you for your very sensitive question regarding your past trauma and reconstruction. unfortunately, two things: 1) the rules do not permit me to give direct medical advice to an individual. 2) this Web site is dedicated only to face and neck cosmetic and reconstructive surgery questions. you need to ask your question to a body plastic surgeon, an OB-GYN, or a colorectal surgeon. good luck in finding the right person to help you with your delicate situation.

I’ve had severe neck and jaw pain for years, no one has been able to help! Can you look at my MRA or MRI’s?

Question: Would you be willing to look at my MRA and MRI’s on the neck jaw. I’ve been in debilitation, excruciating pain for the past couple of years. My head was twisted, repeatedly and cheeks on and pulled forward repeatedly at the same time my mouth was jarred opened beyond it’s capability. The upper jaw – cheeks were pushed up at the same time the lower jaw was pushed down on excessively. The radiologist cannot seem to find anything that would cause that much pain, but the pain is excruciating from the cheek, running down through the face and ear and into my collar bone and shoulder. Thank you for any help.

Answer: hi,
thanks so much for the question. although i would really like to help you, the point of this forum is to answer general questions and not directly to dispense medical advice to a particular person. hope that you find your answer to help you.

I have facial nerve damage casued by an accident when I was young, is there a facial reconstructive surgery you can recommend to correct it??

Question: I’m 30yrs Old,Had an accident when I was 8yrs old and in d process,a left facial nerve palsy occurred which made my mouth to shift to one side whenever I laugh or smile.I’ve undergone a neuro-surgery to correct it.Though,there’s an improvement but not exactly what I want.I want to know if there’s any facial procedure dat can b done to make ma mouth and lips straight again so dat it can come back to it’s normal position because I’ve lost my Confidence ever since the accident,I hardly smile in Camera because of it. Pls kindly tell me what to do and if u can refer me to any Facial reconstructive surgeon over there.Thank you for ur Understanding.

Answer: thank you for your submission. the one negative truth is that with any facial nerve injury that is permanent, there will never be a procedure that can entirely make the face work like normal. there are only degrees of improvement but always less desirable than you would like. i would recommend finding a qualified facial plastic surgeon who specializes in reconstruction of nerve damages to see what your personal options would be. the other thing that i have found that works very well is botulinum toxin (Botox, Dysport), which can help do the opposite which is to control the good side of movement so that the two sides are more symmetrical. in addition, sometimes nerves on the bad side can have something called synkinesis in which the nerves all move in clusters like if you smile you blink. BTX can soften the areas of synkinesis as well over repeated injections. hope that helps.

Can you help me find a specialist?

Question: Are there doctors that specialize in facial reconstructive surgery?

Answer: Almost any facial plastic surgeon is typically trained at some level with facial reconstruction.  However, some facial plastic surgeons only focus on cosmetic work, as they do not do reconstructive work or no longer take insurance to cover reconstructive procedures.  In addition, there is a wide gamut of what is meant by reconstruction, including congenital disorders (conditions you are born with like cleft lip and palate or craniofacial abnormalities), skin cancer reconstruction, major head and neck cancer reconstruction that requires free flap repairs or larger reconstructions, and of course traumatic repairs of facial fractures, etc.  Many surgeons have specialized in specific types of these repairs or lack training in some areas.  It is important to find a surgeon who has the experience, interest, and talent to help you correct your type of facial problem.