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Radio Frequency

I am looking for some guidance on purchasing a radio frequency machine for my home use. I am not sure what megahertz strength I need to have in order produce good results. Also, what type of watts strength does the machine need to have to be powerful enough.
Thank you
Kay Peyton
Connersville, IN

Unfortunately, on this website I cannot promote products. This is meant just for general information. =)

I’m interested in a laser hair transplant.

Question: How does a laser hair transplant surgery work?

Answer: The term laser has been unfortunately a bit romanticized in terms of what it claims it can do.  I personally believe that laser hair restoration is not a viable treatment method, as it causes undue thermal damage when making the recipient sites or “holes” unnecessarily.  I attend every major meeting of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery and have not heard anything about laser hair transplant surgery in years.  That being said, I know about “low level lasers” that are used to help regenerate hair and to help with recovery after a hair transplant procedure.  Again, I do not personally use LLLs because I do not believe there is sufficient science to back this technology up.  However, I believe some of my trusted colleagues are seeing nice results that help support their hair restoration work.