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I have Kelorids on my ears and looking for a sergeon to remove them. I was told I got tme because I hade a face lift and the sergeon did not pull the stitches tight enought.

I doubt the keloid was caused by a facelift that was not pulled tight enough. There are many ways to treat keloids from surgery by itself or surgery plus radiation. If surgery is done without radiation then you need to have steroids or other injectables to keep it from coming back.

i was wondering the cost of facial plastic surgery

Question: I was wondering the cost of Facial Plastic Surgery. I was born with a condition that made the left side of my body larger than the right (More than a normal person) and it causes changes in my face (Redness and swell like changes on my face.) What would be the cost of that kind of surgery? Thank you for your time.

Answer: This is not an easy question since it is virtually impossible to make one side of the face the same as the other. There are also so many techniques to perform that procedure that include facial fillers to facial fat grafting to make the smaller size bigger and possibly cutting away techniques to reduce the other side. It is not clear what you would need and also the cost depends on who is performing the procedure. I think it is something that you must find a respected facial plastic surgeon to ask that question in a one-on-one consultation.

i have gone through amo dental surgery in india three more scenarios are concerning me

Question: greetings, i am a resident of India, recently i have gone through AMO, dental surgery in India, three more scenarios are concerning me, 1. a bent in my nasal bridge, transplant 3.depression on my forehead, since these are complicated i would request for your help in rectification and immediately start the surgical or treatment procedures. travel is not an issue, expecting your reply, Manoj

Answer: hi,
thank you for your query. this Web site does not belong to a single surgeon but to a group representing facial plastic surgeons. you need to find a surgeon who specializes in the procedures you are asking for and you can review surgeons’ names on this Web site to find your best match. good luck with that.

my left upper lip was destroyed after mohs surgery i need to find a surgeon

Question: My left upper lip was destroyed after MOHS surgery. I need to find a surgeon in NYC who can reconstruct it. Can you tell me the names of doctors who have experience or a specialty in lip reconstruction.

Answer: This Web site cannot endorse a specific surgeon. However, if you would like to look at AAFPRS member surgeons in the NYC area, just go to select your city and state and you will find a listing of surgeons in your area on this Web site.

i have asymmetry in my face from a previous surgery is there a possiblity to reconstruct these little deformations in skull

Question: i have an asymmetry in my face from a previous surgery caused little deviation in eyes leveling.and alapse in left there a possiblity to reconstruct these little deformations in skull?

Answer: somethings are possible and somethings are not. asymmetry is one of the hardest things to manage with satisfaction. in my consent forms i have “the two sides of the body are not the same and can never be made the same.” when people chase asymmetry they can get into problems. however, clearly if something is truly asymmetric by more than a few millimeters then that can be unattractive or disfiguring. whether that asymmetry that you have can be fixed or improve really requires an in-person consultation and discussion with a qualified facial plastic surgeon. i always encourage you to go back to your physician for evaluation to make sure that he has a chance to help you, as i certainly would want to know when a patient is dissatisfied so that i could help them.

i was in a car accident where i collided with my windshield of my car

Question: I was in a near fatal car accident on Dec.10,2004 where i collided with my windshield of my car. I shattered my skull over my right eye and various other injuries,they repaired my skull in the E.R after the accident with what little bone they could repair the skull with,but the bone over my eye is jagged. Would I have to have reconstruction of the bone over my eye before i undertake facial plastic surgery?

Answer: This is a difficult question to answer that would depend on a qualified facial plastic surgeon evaluating your situation personally. If you are asking if a loss of bone would preclude other cosmetic work, the answer is most likely not if there is protection of other surrounding tissues which would most likely be the case if you have not needed any support in that area. however, reviewing whether any significant scarring or other issues would be important by history and physical examination before a facial plastic surgeon would operate safely on you.

i had a motorbike accident which gave me a heavy scar on my face

Question: Dear sir/madam I had a motorbike accident in March 2010 which gave me a heavy scar on my face. I wish to inquire if it is possible to remove the scare and if so, how much can it cost me. I will send the face pics to a given email. Thank you

Answer: unfortunately, this web site cannot answer your question directly since it represents the broad view of the many member surgeons who are part of the AAFPRS. however, that being said, a scar that is visible cannot be erased, i.e., the line cannot be entirely eliminated. however, the goal of a scar revision is to make a seemingly obvious line (raised, colored, depressed, linear) into one that is very hard to see using various strategies. for example, a geometric broken line breaks a scar into multiple small geometric limbs so that your eye naturally has a hard time seeing it since the line is converted into a mini zig and zag which makes things less visible. that is the goal of a good scar revision that a very obvious scar from a distance is only noticed really closely or barely at all.

I have a question about Reconstructive Surgery.

Question: Hello~ I am writing this morning because I need to find out some information. I was molested tramatically as a child for 13 years and what he did to me, came to the conclusion that I needed like a reconstructive surgery at UCLA of my anal and vagina. When you looked at it, it was one hole, so the doctor went at made it two. Well here we are 12 years after the surgery and I and very insecure about the outcome. I never really worried about it before, because I was married and my husband was with me through the whole process and the aftermath. I am now going through a divorce and this issue is causing a problem with me dating. I am very insecure with what everything looks and feels likes. The main problem seems to be the huge lump towards the back. Another huge concern and this is so embarrassing, but my anal hole is inside a deep pocket. This can also be a sanitary problem…..OMG so embarrassing. I think this is why I have not pressed the issue earlier cause of the embarrassment of everything. My question is I would like to know if it is possible to make me look normal down there like a woman should. I am almost 40 and just beginning to live a happy life after a miserable marriage. If you don’t do this kind of work, can you refer someone that might. They need to be good lol…..see the results from a doc I thought was going to be marvelous from the get go. Please get back to me, for I am hopefully looking to get this started right away.

Answer: hi,
thank you for your very sensitive question regarding your past trauma and reconstruction. unfortunately, two things: 1) the rules do not permit me to give direct medical advice to an individual. 2) this Web site is dedicated only to face and neck cosmetic and reconstructive surgery questions. you need to ask your question to a body plastic surgeon, an OB-GYN, or a colorectal surgeon. good luck in finding the right person to help you with your delicate situation.

I had a botched rhinoplasty.

Question: Are there surgeons that perform corrective rhinoplasty surgeries?

Answer: Like everything there are specialists that can handle your problem.  Facial plastic surgeons are uniquely qualified to operate on the nose since they have a great understanding of both the function and the cosmetic components of the nose.  As you know, the nose is a respiratory organ and must be respected as such since it is in charge of breathing, smell, humidification, and air cleaning.  A facial plastic surgeon who works often on the nose can help determine if your cosmetic and/or functional problem can be improved and to what extent.  An honest discussion with a surgeon you trust with the right credentials and experience can help you on your way to improving your situation.  Like in life, not everything can be perfectly corrected but hopefully your situation can be improved enough that you feel better about the way you look and about your nose.