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I’ve had severe neck and jaw pain for years, no one has been able to help! Can you look at my MRA or MRI’s?

Question: Would you be willing to look at my MRA and MRI’s on the neck jaw. I’ve been in debilitation, excruciating pain for the past couple of years. My head was twisted, repeatedly and cheeks on and pulled forward repeatedly at the same time my mouth was jarred opened beyond it’s capability. The upper jaw – cheeks were pushed up at the same time the lower jaw was pushed down on excessively. The radiologist cannot seem to find anything that would cause that much pain, but the pain is excruciating from the cheek, running down through the face and ear and into my collar bone and shoulder. Thank you for any help.

Answer: hi,
thanks so much for the question. although i would really like to help you, the point of this forum is to answer general questions and not directly to dispense medical advice to a particular person. hope that you find your answer to help you.