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i have two autoimmune diseases lupus and scleroderma

Question: I have two autoimmune diseases, lupus and scleroderma. Due to the skin involvement from the scleroderma the skin on my face has really changed. My lips are disappearing and what lips I have left pull very tight and have a look as if I am a smoker (I’m 30 and have never smoked). I am very self conscience about my face because I do not look the same. Is there anything safe that can be done to help the wrinkling and make my lips a little fuller before they disappear? Thank you, Lindsey Gent

Answer: thank you for the question. this is truly not an easy answer. i think you should probably be safe with some fillers in the lips but i would always defer this question first to your rheumatologist/internist. after they assent to this possibility and you are properly evaluated in person by a qualified facial plastic surgeon or other cosmetic provider then your candidacy can be more accurately established.