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my 31 year old son was bitten on the nose mouth by his dog

Question: My 31 year old son was bitten on the nose/mouth by his dog 2 days ago. The plastic surgeon at Georgetown Medical Center in DC who stitched him up with 15 sutures said he was bitten ” through all 3 layers ” between his upper lip and his nose. 1) to what degree can a resulting scar be minimized? 2) if a prominent scar is unavoidable, is it simplistic to suggest that a moustache can conceal all or nearly all of the scarring?

Answer: 1. a scar will hopefully fade to the point that it cannot be seen. it may need some dermabrasion to manage any small residual presence. sometimes it just heals badly and may need laser and scar injection treatments like 5-fluorouracial (5-FU). silicone gels can also be quite helpful on the wound for the first 9 to 12 weeks. ultimately if the scar heals poorly then in 6 months to a year a formal scar revision can be undertaken to make the scar much less visible. hopefully that won’t be necessary.

2. a mustache maybe needed but if you follow steps in #1, it could be avoided.