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i had a motorbike accident which gave me a heavy scar on my face

Question: Dear sir/madam I had a motorbike accident in March 2010 which gave me a heavy scar on my face. I wish to inquire if it is possible to remove the scare and if so, how much can it cost me. I will send the face pics to a given email. Thank you

Answer: unfortunately, this web site cannot answer your question directly since it represents the broad view of the many member surgeons who are part of the AAFPRS. however, that being said, a scar that is visible cannot be erased, i.e., the line cannot be entirely eliminated. however, the goal of a scar revision is to make a seemingly obvious line (raised, colored, depressed, linear) into one that is very hard to see using various strategies. for example, a geometric broken line breaks a scar into multiple small geometric limbs so that your eye naturally has a hard time seeing it since the line is converted into a mini zig and zag which makes things less visible. that is the goal of a good scar revision that a very obvious scar from a distance is only noticed really closely or barely at all.