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i was in a car accident where i collided with my windshield of my car

Question: I was in a near fatal car accident on Dec.10,2004 where i collided with my windshield of my car. I shattered my skull over my right eye and various other injuries,they repaired my skull in the E.R after the accident with what little bone they could repair the skull with,but the bone over my eye is jagged. Would I have to have reconstruction of the bone over my eye before i undertake facial plastic surgery?

Answer: This is a difficult question to answer that would depend on a qualified facial plastic surgeon evaluating your situation personally. If you are asking if a loss of bone would preclude other cosmetic work, the answer is most likely not if there is protection of other surrounding tissues which would most likely be the case if you have not needed any support in that area. however, reviewing whether any significant scarring or other issues would be important by history and physical examination before a facial plastic surgeon would operate safely on you.