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What would be the cost for a full face lift?

This web site is intended to answer general questions about facial cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. The cost of a face lift is very variable. It can cost a few thousand dollars or cost 10s of thousands depending on the surgeon’s experience, reputation, results, how he does it, where he does it (in terms of facility), what kind of anesthesia and who is providing the anesthesia, etc. the term “full face lift” can also be very confusing. does that include a “mid face lift”, eyelid procedure, or brow lift? the term “face lift” often implies the lower portion of the face and neck. the word “full” could either mean to include the upper and middle parts of the face or to imply a larger incision or greater more intricate lower face lift. accordingly, you see the confusion is great and you need to ask your surgeons that you are interested in finding what is the breakdown of their costs and what style of face lift are they doing and what parts of the face does it include?