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I am interested in the charity face to face

Question: Hello, I am interested in the charity “Face to Face” . I understand you work with them and they do pro-bono or charitable surgery and that would include on birth defects? My younger brother Anthony lives near Houston, is 46 yrs old and born with a very large Nevus Sebascious on the entire left side of his face, including down the neck and up into and above his left eye. He is partially blind in that eye and was born with a lazy eye. At the time, my parents were told by several doctors nothing could be done for him. I am wondering now with advances in plastic surgery if he can get help for removal of this large, highly raised birth defect? As you can imagine he grew up being teased and stared at, which was very hard on him. He does not have insurance nor the money to have any type of surgery, so I am looking to see if there is a charity that can give him hope for the future and help him with his very large birth defect. I can provide photos as jpegs if you can provide an email address for me to send them. Thank you for any advice or suggestions for him. You just do not know what this could mean to him and his family. Thank you for your time and again, I can provide photos of him. His name is Anthony D. Kemp (Andy) and I am his older sister, Lori Kemp – Smith and I live in Austin, Texas. My ph: 512-461-1391, Andy and my elderly mother are at phone: 281-344-9442. Bless you for any guidance or if you know of another charity that can help, it would be much appreciated. Sincerely, Lori K. Smith

Answer: I am sorry to hear of your situation. I have forwarded your information to Ann who is in charge of Face to Face. I hope we can help you.