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Under eye bags !!

Is there anything that can be done about these horrible bags under my eyes? They are always there, it is not due to lack of sleep, etc…

Anyway, I hear about so many treatments on the face and eyes…crows feet, brow lifts, etc… but never about bags.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

My answer is that eyebags are a very complex entity or at least can be. If you have truly an eye bag that is there all the time then it could be related to excess fat, which can be removed either through a tiny incision on the skin surface or through inside the eyelid without an incision. Skin may need to be removed through a pinch method or alternative if there is extra there. If the skin is loose, resurfacing with a laser or a peel can also help. Neurotoxin (like Botox) can help slow down and improve moving wrinkles and prevent static wrinkles over time. Sometimes many surgeons believe that there is not an excess of fat but a hollowness to the bony rim below that if you put fillers or fat grafting there that it can manage the hollowness and thereby cover the exposed eyebag. Other times a combination of some fat removal and placing some fat can help. If you are confused by the many ways to approach an eyebag, I am sorry about that but there are so many ways to do it depending on your problem and the surgeon’s preferred choice of addressing it. You can find a facial plastic surgeon in your area to help you with your problem but looking at the map of surgeons on this Web site. Good luck!