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Permanent Dome Sutures

How effective is the use of permanent dome sutures for narrowing the nostrils?

This is less radical than alar base reduction and does not run the risk of asymmetries.

Please advise.

Good question. As a surgeon, I cannot provide my personal opinion here as I represent the Academy in a broad statement. I can say that some surgeons believe that the method is highly effective, whereas others believe that the method is short lived. Unfortunately, you will encounter variable thoughts in your research of the best method for alar base reduction. One way that I know of that helps to limit the unnatural shape of the alar rim is known as a “Sheen flap” that preserves the natural arc of the nose and is what I use when I do alar base reductions so that you don’t get that pinched look where you are missing the “nasal sill”, the part of the nostril that curves back onto the face or upper lip.

i have gone through amo dental surgery in india three more scenarios are concerning me

Question: greetings, i am a resident of India, recently i have gone through AMO, dental surgery in India, three more scenarios are concerning me, 1. a bent in my nasal bridge, transplant 3.depression on my forehead, since these are complicated i would request for your help in rectification and immediately start the surgical or treatment procedures. travel is not an issue, expecting your reply, Manoj

Answer: hi,
thank you for your query. this Web site does not belong to a single surgeon but to a group representing facial plastic surgeons. you need to find a surgeon who specializes in the procedures you are asking for and you can review surgeons’ names on this Web site to find your best match. good luck with that.

Possible complications of non surgical nose job in a weak nose could any complications

Question: Hi, wanted to ask a question about the possible complications of non surgical nose job.In a weak nose, could any complications or permanent nasal disfigurement occur from needle trauma to the soft tissue in the tip and mid vault area,particularly in atypical case where fillers have been injected from inside the nose.Thank you.

Answer: It is highly unlikely that a filler would damage a reportedly weak nose. However, rarely a needle injection can be injected into a blood vessel in which case you could have a major problem but this is exceedingly rare. It is important that the physician injecting you use a very careful method of drawing back on the hub during injection to minimize that risk.

i asked a surgeon online to take a look at my photos how i can address my facial concerns

Question: Hi, I asked a surgeon online to take a look at my photos and tell me how I can address my facial concerns in relation to mid-face deficientcy. After his assesment, he sent me an email telling me how he would approach the problem. He said that I would need a small anteriorly based cheek implant with a paranasal, and/or premaxillary implants. I cannnot afford all implants along with the cost involved in hotel and flight reservations. Ever since this evaluation, I cannot find a Doctor who is able to assess me in the thorough way that this out-of-state surgeon did. I feel that the out-of-state surgeon nailed it. I feel that his way of thinking is right. I am having a difficult time finding a Doctor who has come to the same conclusion or even close. I don’t know what to do. I cannot tell a surgeon how they should do their job. How can I get an unbiased point of view so that I can be sure that I have exhausted all possible options available to me that will properly address my concerns? This is my face, and I do not have a lot of money to have to have revisonal surgery because it wasn’t done right in the first place. Please help me or guide me. The Doctors that I am meeting with are only leading me to what they feel most comfortable doing. One Doctor said that I could solve my problem with sculptra alone. I knew that couldn’t be right. Thanks.

Answer: This is a tough one. Like many questions here, I cannot solve your problems. Only a consultation with a qualified facial plastic surgeon can help establish that with you. You have to find someone who is experienced, knowledgeable, and communicates well with you about what you are wanting. But every surgeon has his or her own biases and recommendations. I would look at how many years a surgeon has been in practice, his reputation in the community, his board certification, his before and after photos, etc. I know that is not comforting but there is no easy right answer to a particular problem.

i want to get a nose job done

Question: i want to get a nose job done and wanted to know 2 things 1. how much does a nose job cost ? 2. how much time does a nose job operation takes ?

Answer: this is quite variable and can cost a few thousand dollars to 20,000. the reason for the variable price is it is based on the experience of the surgeon, cost of related anesthesia and facility, as well as the type and difficulty of the nose. time is also extremely variable from an hour and a half to 5 hours or more depending on who is doing the surgery, the technique chosen, and the type of problem encountered. for example, a revision rhinoplasty procedure may take more hours to complete.

My friend just got her nose done

Question: Should I have a rhinoplasty?

Answer: That question is a bit open ended. Obviously, rhinoplasty is not something you just dive into. You should base your decision upon long-term thinking and desire rather than a short-term whimsical idea. If you have functional breathing problems or other issues, you might get part of the procedure covered by insurance. The best thing to do is to discuss this desire with a board-certified facial plastic surgeon who is skilled at helping you achieve your cosmetic desires but also by either improving or maintaining your nasal airway. Since facial plastic surgeons have as much knowledge inside as outside the nose, they are well skilled to help you achieve all of your nasal goals.

Is it possible to have two operations at the same time?

Question:Can I have a facelift and rhinoplasty at the same time?

Answer: In short yes. It depends on the health of the patient to have a longer procedure performed and if the surgeon is qualified to do both procedures and is willing to spend that time doing both procedures. Some surgeons may elect to split the procedure into two separate procedures; whereas some may desire to do both at the same time.

I had a botched rhinoplasty.

Question: Are there surgeons that perform corrective rhinoplasty surgeries?

Answer: Like everything there are specialists that can handle your problem.  Facial plastic surgeons are uniquely qualified to operate on the nose since they have a great understanding of both the function and the cosmetic components of the nose.  As you know, the nose is a respiratory organ and must be respected as such since it is in charge of breathing, smell, humidification, and air cleaning.  A facial plastic surgeon who works often on the nose can help determine if your cosmetic and/or functional problem can be improved and to what extent.  An honest discussion with a surgeon you trust with the right credentials and experience can help you on your way to improving your situation.  Like in life, not everything can be perfectly corrected but hopefully your situation can be improved enough that you feel better about the way you look and about your nose.