Message from the Development Office

2014 plans to be a banner year – especially since the AAFPRS is celebrating its 50th Anniversary!

You will see that the Foundation is in high gear with the campaign funds already being used to build an extraordinary educational portal (Lifelong Educational And Research Network); to support Research Grants that inspire scientific exploration; and strengthen a first rate humanitarian program that is streamlined in which all members can participate, if they so choose. If you should have any questions or would like to be involved please contact Karen Sloat, Project Coordinator at; (703) 299-9291 ext. 230.

As 231 AAFPRS members continue to donate their five year committed campaign gifts, we encourage all members to support the AAFPRS Annual Fund which keeps the Foundation in tip top fiscal shape.

An Annual Fund basically generates money the Foundation can count on each year. Organizing and conducting an Annual Fund gives our Foundation the credibility and strength it needs to successfully operate year after year.

There are many ways to donate:

On your Membership Dues Invoice
Annual Giving Envelop in each Facial Plastic Times
On your Meeting Registration Forms
Click on the following link to donate directly (Insert Donate link)
Or Contact directly Ann H. Jenne, Director of Development and Humanitarian Programs

Don’t forget cumulative cash gifts (between January 1 – December 31) which total $1,000+ automatically makes you an 1887 member. 1887 is the year that the first credited intranasal Rhinoplasty was performed in the United States. 1887 members are celebrated for their commitment to the AAFPRS. We are reinstating the 1887 Reception to be held every year at the Annual Fall Meeting.

For more information contact Ann H. Jenne at; (703) 299.9291, ext. 229