Rhino-Popularity: Five Top Reasons Why People Want To Change Their Nose

Rhinoplasty ranks as the most requested facial plastic surgery among men and women of all ages year after year, and the reasons for the trend of “rhino-popularity” include the versatility of the procedure.

“There is not just one reason that an individual will consult with a facial plastic surgeon about a rhinoplasty. The reasons are multi-fold and may include cosmetic as well as functional aspects of the nose. Coupled with advances in techniques and technology has helped propel rhinoplasty’s popularity,” says Dr. Stephen S. Park, president of American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Five top reasons people consider rhinoplasty include:

#5) If It Is Broken, Do Fix It

Broken noses don’t just occur during the World Cup and other high-profile sporting events. They can also occur among little leaguers and weekend warriors, as well from car accidents and falls. “These injuries happen very frequently,” says Dr. Park. “It is important to consult with a facial plastic surgeon after any serious injury to the nose to determine whether you sustained a fracture. There is a window of time during which surgery can be performed to correct a nasal fracture, after which there may be a long waiting period until swelling subsides,” he adds.

#4) Trouble Breathing

“Many people who snore and have trouble breathing have what we call a deviated septum or other nasal deformity,” says Dr. Park. “A rhinoplasty or septoplasty may be indicated to correct this problem to improve the functional aspects.” Today’s facial plastic surgeons address both form and function in the same surgery. “Our patients want to breathe better of course, but they also want their noses to look better and fit their other facial features.”

#3) Sinus Problems

Chronic sinus infections and sinusitis may be caused by a deviated septum or another condition that requires surgical intervention. “In these cases, a septoplasty may be needed to improve a patient’s overall health and well-being,” says Dr. Edwin Williams, president-elect of AAFPRS. “Consult with a facial plastic surgeon to see what treatments are available to relieve your sinus pain and infections once and for all.”

#2) Self Esteem Boost

Several studies suggest that nose jobs can help improve self-esteem and quality of life. “For individuals who are self conscious about the size and shape of their nose, a well performed rhinoplasty can be a real confidence booster. Some are even bullied about their nose in school, which can do long term damage to their self esteem,” comments Dr. Williams. He cautions that facial plastic surgery should never be done to please anyone else.

#1) Advancing Age

Along with sagging cheeks, hooded eyelids and loose skin under the chin, the shape of your nose is another of the grievances associated with an aging face. “As you age, gravity pulls the tissue of your nose downward, causing the tip to droop and become more bulbous,” says Dr. Williams. “Your nose may also tend to appear larger with age because facial volume depletes so when your cheeks lose definition, your nose may look bigger. A rhinoplasty can help to correct these issues by elevating the nasal tip for a more youthful profile,” he says.

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