Millennials, Cosmetic Surgery and Pouty Lips for Valentine’s Day

According to a new survey by the The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) the face of plastic surgery is getting younger. In fact 64% of members saw an increase in cosmetic surgery or injectable treatments in patients under age 30 last year.

This growth in Millennial plastic surgery could largely be attributed to social media and celebrity influence such as the beauties from the Kardashian clan as well as Taylor Swift’s stunning army of young Hollywood powerhouses.

Many facial plastic surgeons agree that lips are trending now. Interested in scoring kissable pouty, yet subtle lips for Valentine’s Day? Time to pucker up!

“Unlike procedures of the past, with lips, it’s not just about making someone look more youthful, it’s about making them more attractive,” says AAFPRS President Dr. Edwin Williams. “The Kardashians have become the poster children for mainstream plastic surgery awareness and we are seeing a lot of young patients coming in and asking about Kylie Jenner’s lips. They don’t necessarily want something that dramatic, but use her lips as a point of reference.”

Beyond being a Kylie lookalike, what makes an attractive lip?

For a good result, lips should balance the face and should be in proportion with the eyes and nose. The upper lip should have a bit of a pout and project out slightly more than the lower lips. The lower lip should be pillowy and the borders should be clearly defined. “Our patients don’t want the ‘Kylie Jenner shot glass challenge’ effect,” adds Dr. Williams. “Instead they tend to ask for a very natural, yet full result.”

“There is no doubt we’ve been seeing an increase in requests for lip injections,” confirms Dr. Williams. “With both Restylane Silk and Juvaderm earning FDA approval for lips last year, that plus all of the media attention has significantly raised awareness and interest in lip enhancement procedures.”

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