Experts on Transgender Facial Plastic Surgery

November is Transgender Awareness Month, a time to commend being true to one’s authentic self. Sometimes, that means helping the outside to match the inside in the form of gender confirming surgery. The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) is striving to bring awareness and a better quality of care to the cause.

“More recently, the surgical community has increased its attention to providing transgender support,” says Scott Chaiet, MD, a Memphis, TN-based facial plastic surgeon and moderator of the AAFPRS’ first transgender educational panel at the recent Fall Meeting. “Transgender patients often seek consultation to undergo gender affirmation surgery as part of the journey to express their gender identify, often with a focus on the face.”

The face is the primary means by which we determine many characteristics of a person including their age, attractiveness, familiarity, emotional state and …gender.  Procedures that change the underlying bone structure or the soft tissue of the face have the unique ability to help individuals to present themselves in the manner most consistent with their sense of self.

According to Jeffrey H. Spiegel, MD, a Boston-based facial plastic surgeon and member of the AAFPRS, gender affirmation surgery has been shown to actually improve an individual’s quality of life. In a 2010 study, Dr. Spiegel found that surgical treatments (e.g. Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS)) are associated with improved mental health-related quality of life for trans patients.

Available for interviews on behalf of the AAFPRS, Q&As, and bylines, our experts can discuss:

  • The physiological and emotional impact of transitioning
  • How the medical field can adapt to accept and support transgender people
  • Why “non-transitioning” may be the best option for some
  • The impact of different procedures on masculine vs. feminine facial structure

To be connected with an AAFPRS spokesperson or learn more about the innovative and important advances in gender affirming surgery being made by facial plastic surgeons, contact KELZ PR – Patty ( or Sheila ( 646-450-5359