Beating The Clock At Any Age

The right treatment at the right time lets your beauty shine by targeting diverse needs at different decades of life. With advances in skin care and surgical and non-surgical options, any age group can benefit and retain a youthful, confident glow.

“We have been achieving incremental advances that both prevent and reverse aging for many years,” says facial plastic surgeon and American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) Board Member Dr. Patrick Byrne, director of the Division of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Johns Hopkins University. “We know that certain lifestyle choices help people look more youthful. So, as simple as this sounds, we see the benefits by focusing each and every day on our sleep, exercise, and diet habits, as well as our personal relationships with others.”

As for the younger generation, advances in aesthetic technology are influencing millennials to opt for cosmetic treatments. “The priority to look natural continues to gain popularity. This is especially undeniable with rhinoplasty. Teens come in wanting a natural result, not their mother’s ‘ski slope’ nose that was popular 30 years ago,” shares Dr. Byrne. “This whole generation is accustomed to seeing the world and themselves through their devices.” In fact, according to the recently released AAFPRS statistics in facial plastic surgery, 55% of surgeons saw patients who want to look better in selfies in their practices (up 13% from 2016).

For those in their 30s-50s, sun protection, and a focus on healthy sleep, exercise, and diet habits, are a priority. “We find that women who start investing during their 30’s into subtle injectable treatments tend to age more favorably,” says Dr. Byrne. “However, this really depends on the individual: skin type and history of sun damage.”

As the 60s approach, eyelid procedures tend to take precedence. A full 73% of facial plastic surgeons report an increase in eyelid procedures to look less tired. “We recognize that one of the many factors of aging is volume loss in key areas in the temples, tear troughs and the upper eyelid, between the brow and creases,” shares Dr. Byrne. Doctors are getting better at deciding when to remove tissue, when to add volume and when to do both. “Patients in their 60s are fit and healthy and feel like they want their outer visage to reflect their inner health and vitality.”

The bottom line? No matter what decade you’re in, “trust your face to a facial plastic surgeon,” says the AAFPRS. You’ll feel amazing and look ageless for years to come.

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