When it comes to shopping for cars, clothes and beauty products, consumers want the best for less. This philosophy can be dangerous when it comes to facial plastic surgery or non-surgical treatments such as BotoxÒ, lasers or skin tightening.

According to a recent study by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) cost is a major deciding factor for 71% of patients. Despite the temptation, Phillip R. Langsdon, MD, president of the AAFPRS, warns consumers to be cautious of “too good to be true” deals, the lure to travel abroad for cheaper surgical options (without the proper vetting of the medical provider) or for treatments in non-clinical settings. “Cutting corners on something as important as pre-qualifying your surgeon could have disastrous or sometimes fatal results,” cautioned Dr. Langsdon.

The good news? Thanks to the wealth of information available patients are becoming more and more treatment and surgery-savvy. In fact, 44% of AAFPRS members surveyed noticed their patients being more educated about facial plastic surgery and aesthetic treatments than ever before.

The AAFPRS offers the following safety tips to consumers for choosing the right, well-qualified medical provider when considering aesthetic treatments or facial plastic surgery:


  • Research surgeons and procedural information through more than on line sources. Do your own research and talk to friends who have used the provider you are considering.
  • Select a board-certified surgeon that specializes in plastic surgery of the face, head and neck (to search for a qualified surgeon near you, please visit:
  • Ask your surgeon how often they perform the specific procedure or aesthetic treatment.
  • Ask your surgeon questions so that you are fully informed.
  • Review before/after photos of the prospective surgeon.


  • Blindly purchase procedures through online deals (96% of AAFPRS members are opposed to discounted procedures like this because the provider may be offering treatments that are not appropriate for the patient or the provider may not necessarily be trained in that specialty).
  • Choose a surgeon based on cost alone. Remember safety and results are the most important factors when picking a surgeon. It is not the name of the procedure or aesthetic treatment but rather the talent and experience of the surgeon that is important.
  • Put yourself at risk by travelling abroad just to save money on a procedure without the proper vetting of the medical provider.

“There is no bargain or fast fix when it comes to your face,” states Dr. Langsdon. “Bargain hunting, selfies, social media and the entrance of non-medical providers and treatments in non-medical environments have pushed aesthetic treatments into a dangerous level. Aesthetic treatments should be done by well-trained medical providers from core specialties and only in a medical clinic to ensure the safest best possible outcomes.”

Dr. Langsdon concludes with the guidance, “Remember, you want not only an experienced provider but also one that will be there to help should something not work out as planned.”

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