Seven Reasons for a Winter Makeover

Face 2001 with a Fresh Attitude and a Brand New Look

January 11, 2001 – We’ve all done it – made a few resolutions at the stroke of midnight that were only to be broken by month’s end. So this year, forget banishing chocolate and starting a hard-core fitness routine, and don’t fret if you don’t shed those extra holiday pounds before Valentine’s Day. Instead, concentrate on innovative (subtle or maybe even major) ways to enhance your appearance and feel better about yourself. Maybe it’s time to try a red-hot lipstick, cut your long hair short or even undergo facial plastic surgery. Whatever your choice may be, remember that it’s all about what makes YOU happy both inside and out.

Consider Facial Plastic Surgery
Aging often leaves its mark on the place we can’t hide – our face. So, if you feel that it’s time to look as young as you feel, a visit to a facial plastic surgeon may be on the top of your “to do” list. In fact, according to a recent survey conducted by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) , in 1999, winter reigned as the most popular season for chemical peels and lasers.* “People become more appearance conscious when the beginning of the year rolls around,” says Dr. Russell Kridel, president of the AAFPRS , “and chemical peels and lasers are two minimally invasive techniques that refresh skin, and restore a youthful appearance.” The AAFPRS also reports that facelifts are the second most popular procedure during winter months, and looking younger and enhancing appearance were the primary reasons for patients to undergo facial plastic surgery in 1999.

Spice-Up Your Look
Make an appointment with an image consultant or makeover artist for a fresh take on what you can do to update your look. Sometimes, after years of applying eyeliner in the same way, wearing your favorite pink lipstick or even using the same eyeshadow shades, it might be hard to open your eyes to the possibility of change, so a little outside guidance might be helpful.

Out with the Old, in with the New
Take a day to evaluate your closet. Give away clothes you haven’t worn within the last two years to make room for new possibilities – like the black leather pants that you’ve been eyeing all season. Do the same with your beauty drawer — throw out any cosmetics and skincare products that you are not currently using or have collected dust in your medicine cabinet.

Make Time to Winterize Your Skin
Resolve to change your skincare routine to adapt to the cold weather. In wintertime, it may be wise to use an oil-based moisturizer and a cream cleanser to help hydrate skin. As the temperature drops it takes the moisture out of the air, which causes skin to become dehydrated. Bonus tip : Don’t forget sunscreen in winter! “Outdoor winter weather conditions, such as wind or sun reflecting off snow and ice, are damaging to the skin,” says Kridel. Before heading to outdoor activities the AAFPRS recommends applying a broad-spectrum sunscreen (containing UVA and UVB protection) with an SPF of 15.

Be Selfish and Pamper Yourself
Every now and again, take a weekend out and treat yourself to a full beauty tune-up, for skin that’s looking its best so that you’re bursting with energy and well being. Need suggestions? Make an appointment for a relaxing oxygen facial or ask your facial plastic surgeon about a skin-revitalizing treatment such as microdermabrasion. Want to look like you flew to the Bahamas for the weekend? Then take a few hours to try out the latest self-tanners that provide a safe, real-looking tan, while moisturizing skin.

Just Smile
Smiling more often can do wonders for your appearance and demeanor, so why not try brightening up that smile by taking care of your teeth? Be sure to schedule annual appointments with your dentist — never allow more than 12 months to pass between visits – and brush teeth for three-to-four minutes twice a day. And don’t forget… “floss the teeth you wish to keep”. For an ultra-white smile , ask your dentist about bleaching treatments that can get teeth whiter in the time it takes to get a haircut or manicure.

Move that Body!
To keep your body and mind feeling good and in control, you need to rethink your exercise ritual. Body punishment is out of fashion. Think about getting into swimming, yoga, Pilates — all of which are brilliant for strengthening the body and at the same time calming and focusing the mind – or maybe it’s time to learn how to ice-skate. The secret to exercise is not to be too unrealistic (promising you will run 17 hours a week on a treadmill just isn’t going to work). Vow to take the stairs in lieu of the elevator and walk rather than go by car.

So go ahead, and pick one, two or all of the above suggestions. But most of all, resolve to make it a “me” year with no regrets.

* A recent survey conducted by Wirthlin Worldwide for the AAFPRS, September 2000. Please call for a copy.