New Survey Reveals Americans Trust Their Faces To Facial Plastic Surgeons

NEW YORK, NY — No one can get away from aging, but the road divides when it comes to how to age; the smart way or the uninformed way.  A new study commissioned by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS), the world’s largest association of facial plastic and reconstructive surgeons with over 3,000 members, and conducted by Kelton Research shows that the majority of people look for an experienced, certified facial plastic surgeon over generalists when it comes to facial plastic surgery.  Americans trust their faces to the expertise of facial plastic surgeons.

The majority of Americans siding with expertise are employing informed decision-making skills, reinforcing their desire to make smart choices.  In fact, 80 percent of Americans trust their faces to the surgical expertise and care of a facial plastic surgeon who specializes in cosmetic surgery of the head, face and neck over generalists.  According to the survey, Americans ages 18-64 are most reliant on facial plastic surgeons, as evidenced by the fact that 83 percent believe they are more qualified to treat their specialized areas than general plastic surgeons.

With the vast number of surgeons in practice today, it is more important than ever to make informed decisions when considering an elective procedure such as facial cosmetic surgery.  Informed decision making is especially crucial as more than half of patients (53 percent) have had multiple procedures in the same year.  Survey results reflect that parents take more interest in the surgeon’s years of experience than their childless counterparts (54 percent versus 46 percent).

AAFPRS training is thorough and rigorous.  Unlike other surgeons, AAFPRS surgeons not only complete a four year specialized residency in Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery which includes Facial Plastic Surgery, but many also undergo an additional one-year AAFPRS fellowship in Facial Plastic Surgery and become certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology and in many cases, also certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

The AAFPRS recommends the following tips to assist in making educated decisions when choosing the best surgeon for each individual’s specific needs:

  • Do your homework. Check to make sure that the surgeon’s area of expertise and corresponding board certification is in facial plastic surgery. The AAFPRS interactive Web site – – will confirm a facial plastic surgeon’s membership to this organization.
  • Be informed. The AAFPRS can also be utilized to obtain complimentary background materials on specific procedures. Studying these materials before contacting a surgeon makes the patient better informed and can help to develop a list of questions to ask prospective surgeons.

Women have the utmost faith in facial plastic surgeons when it comes to turning back the hands of time as it relates to one’s face.  Eighty-three percent believe that facial plastic surgeons are more competent to treat their faces, heads, or necks than a general plastic surgeon; 78 percent of men agree.

The AAFPRS also reports that 85 percent of adult Americans would undergo a facial plastic surgery procedure if given the chance. This same survey reported a 27 percent increase in surgical and non-surgical activity among men and women since 2000.

But what, exactly, would Americans get done if they had the chance of having a free service by a facial plastic surgeon?  Twenty-six percent admitted to wanting an eye lift, followed by neck surgery (21 percent), hair transplants (16 percent), nose jobs (14 percent), facelifts (13 percent), chin augmentation (7 percent), and lip enhancement (3 percent).

About the AAFPRS
The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery is the world’s largest association of facial plastic and reconstructive surgeons with more than 3,000 members – whose cosmetic reconstructive surgery focuses on the face, head and neck. Academy fellows are Board certified and subscribe to a code of ethics. In addition, the AAFPRS provides consumers with free information and brochures and a list of qualified facial plastic surgeons in their area by visiting the AAFPRS Web site, To schedule an interview with an AAFPRS leader, please contact Deborah Sittig at PR, (973) 263-8585, ext. 22 or