More Men Displeased with Their Most Prominent Organ New Study shows that Rhinoplasty is growing in Popularity among Americans

New York, NY, November 21, 2001 – Men are most displeased with their most prominent organ – their nose that is – a new study by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) reveals.

When it came to asking if people were content with their noses, approximately three in four (76 percent) of the Americans surveyed who said that they were very dissatisfied , were men*. The AAFPRS – the world’s largest association of facial plastic and reconstructive surgeons -conducted a survey to find out American’s true feelings towards their most vital facial feature. Coincidentally, according to this year’s AAFPRS Membership Survey , rhinoplasty (nose surgery) was the number one surgical cosmetic procedure undergone by men – with an increase of 64 percent increase since 1997**.

After polling more than 1,000 adult men and women, the survey also revealed that nearly 20 million Americans say that they have either already undergone “a nose job” or would at least consider it. This means that rhinoplasty, one of the first cosmetic procedures that dates back to at least 1887, remains just as accepted as ever. In fact, statistics from the AAFPRS Membership Survey reports that facial plastic surgeons performed nearly 80,000 nose surgeries , making it one of the top elective surgical procedures for 2000.

“Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic procedure sought after by many patients because it can improve a person’s looks and self-confidence. Many are looking to have a nose made straighter or smaller or to remove a hump. Others, seek nose surgery to correct breathing problems or to fix a broken nose,” says AAFPRS President Dr. Shan Baker. “Today, rhinoplasty techniques do a much better job building a natural-looking nose than older techniques. Meaning, modern procedures reshape rather than remove cartilage, so the new nose stays intact over time and people are less likely to have to come back for secondary surgery years later.”

Rhinoplasty doesn’t just appeal to the baby boomer generation who are looking to enhance the nose they’ve always been unhappy with or a nose that has become a victim of gravity and drooped over time. It is the younger generation that also admits to being in favor of this cosmetic facial procedure. Interestingly, 12 percent of people ages 18-34 years old said that they either had nose surgery or would consider undergoing the procedure. This compares to only nine percent of the other age groups that feel this way about rhinoplasty.

The survey also found that men and women are not embarrassed for having undergone the procedure and did tell someone about it. Of those polled who had already undergone the surgery – 81 percent mentioned it to their co-workers (over 80 percent who told their spouse or partner), 78 percent told family members and 71 percent told friends. Those who said that they would consider nose surgery , but have not yet done so, are even freer to revealing this information – 92 percent would tell their spouse or partner and 87 percent would give their friends the news.

When asked which celebrities had the most desirable nose, 22 percent of the men voters chose Mel Gibson , followed by 16 percent who chose Tom Cruise. Among the ladies, Nicole Kidman’s nose beat Catherine Zeta-Jones’ nose (13 percent vs. 12 percent). However, overall, both men (39 percent) and women (40 percent) say that they prefer their own nose over a celebrity’s nose.

As it may seem easy enough to head to a surgeon’s office to reshape your nose, the AAFPRS recommends that patients first do their homework. “Make sure to check that your surgeon is board certified to perform facial plastic and reconstructive surgery and inquire about the surgeon’s training and credentials,” says Baker. “It is also just as important to examine why you want to change your nose. The best candidates are those who want to enhance a feature rather than to alter it in order to look like somebody else. The results are permanent, so make sure that you are positive about wanting surgery.”

The AAFPRS is the world’s largest association of facial plastic and reconstructive surgeons – with more than 2,600 members – whose cosmetic and reconstructive surgery focuses on the face, head and neck. Academy fellows are board-certified and subscribe to a code of ethics. In addition, the AAFPRS provides consumers with free information and brochures and a list of qualified facial plastic surgeons in their area by calling 1-800-332-FACE or by visiting the AAFPRS Web site,