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Ask the Surgeon
I am very excited about my upcoming consultation with my facial plastic surgeon. I have a few ideas on what I think should be “fixed.” Will my doctor suggest multiple procedures simultaneously or does each procedure require a separate operation?

Your facial plastic surgeon will carefully evaluate your facial features and listen to you describe what you would like done before giving his or her professional opinion of your options. Yes, some procedures may be performed in conjunction with other procedures if that is what you and your physician have decided will produce optimal results. For example, if a patient comes in because they think his or her nose is not proportional to the rest of their face, a physician – after thorough analysis – may suggest a chin implant along with rhinoplasty. By augmenting the chin, attention will be drawn away from the nose and bring balance to the patient’s profile. Minimally invasive procedures, such as skin resurfacing, can be combined with a number of procedures as well. Come to your consultation appointment prepared to discuss your intentions, expectations, and questions.

Whats New
All scars are not created equal–even acne scars. Facial plastic surgeons now approach scar revision by evaluating first the underlying problem that caused the scar. Factors that may be considered include, skin color, skin type, age, and extent of scarring. Once that is determined, the physician dictates a tailored approach for optimal scar revision. What technique or combination of techniques will provide maximum improvement of the scarred area? Your physician may decide on a resurfacing technique, filler, flap technique, or chemical peel. Scars are highly individualistic and the patient’s attitude toward a scar is so personal, it is reassuring to know that your facial plastic surgeon is employing the same distinctive approach to correcting the scar. Set up a consultation appointment to discuss your scars and see what treatment, or combination of techniques, is needed to get the best results.

Health Tip
Cool winter weather means you need three things: moisturizer, sunscreen, and lip balm. Help your skin trap moisture and stay hydrated by applying a moisturizer that contains mineral oil or petroleum jelly (these thicker products remain on your skin and stay effective longer). You should be moisturizing after bathing or periodically through the day if you are experiencing extensive dryness. There are lotions available that contain sunscreen; so you could apply one product while getting both the benefit of a moisturizer and a sunscreen. Even though it is winter, the sun still can damage your skin. Whether you are on your way to the ski slopes or out for a brisk walk, avoid sun exposure by using sunscreen or sunblock with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 15 or higher. Don’t forget to protect your lips from cracking and evaporation of moisture by applying a lip balm that contains SPF 15.