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Ask the Surgeon
I would like to have surgery on my nose. My only concern is the daily medication I take for high blood pressure. Can I continue to take it right up until the surgery?

Yes, take your medicine at the regular, scheduled time. You should discuss all over-the-counter and prescribed medication with your physician and anesthesiologist, if you are having a general anesthetic. Medications for blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and birth control should not be skipped. Blood thinners, e.g., Coumadin, should be stopped several days before surgery. Aspirin, vitamin E, and antihistamines may increase your risk of bleeding and should be avoided for two weeks before surgery. Talk to your physician so he or she may advise you.

Whats New
Tisseal, or Hemacure, is a sealant used to glue surfaces together. Facial plastic surgeons use Tisseal as an alternative to screws or bolsters. The main advantage of Tisseal is its speedy healing properties that reduce swelling and bruising in forehead and face lifting. Skin grafts no longer need to be bolstered as they can be glued down with the sealants. In rhinoplasty (surgery of the nose), Tisseal is used to seal or glue cartilage bits and peices together in the exact spot where the surgeon wants to place them. Lastly, the fibrin sealants are now used in facelifts, forehead lifts, under skin grafts, as well as to secure implants. Approved for use in the United States for 18 months, it is slowly gaining widespread use. Tisseal has been used in Cadanda for 10 to 15 years and in even longer in Europe. Ask your facial plastic surgeon if Tisseal is used in his or her practice.

Health Tip
Are you thinking of updating your look? It is easy to fall into a rut of what skin care and makeup routine we think is working for us. Properly taking care of your skin is the most important step you can take to maintaining your youthful appearance. Instead of trying to cover that blemish on your cheek, why not meet with your physician to see if it can be treated or removed. What skin care products do they recommend for your skin type? Makeup can look outdated based upon the way it is applied and the colors used. Go see an aesthetic or skin care consultant to get a tailored makeover that will revitalize and refresh your look.