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Healthy Radiant Skin at Any Age

Although it is difficult to accept, your skin changes as you age. When we are young, the skin inherently and efficiently repairs injuries and damage from the sun or pollution. As we get older, the repair mechanism is less adept, and the damage emerges as wrinkles, age spots, or uneven texture.


Cell replacement is not as quick as it once was and the skin begins to appear drier. The protein that holds the skin together, collagen, begins to break down and wrinkles may start to show around the mouth and eyes. Your facial plastic surgeon may propose the following to rid you of the developing lines: an alpha-hydroxy cleanser, Botox injections, or filler injections.


Cell renewal and collagen production continues to slow. The skin begins to sag and wrinkles are more noticeable. Along with the 30s recommendations, your physician may prescribe an exfoliator to help get rid of dead skin cells, suggest a chemical peel to smooth the face, or endorse blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) to remove sagging skin around the eyes.


Along with increasing wrinkles and the toll of gravity, fat cells begin to collect around the neck and chin. Skin care may include lpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) and Vitamins C and E. You may be a good candidate for a facelift.

Everyday Care

No matter what your age, you can take daily steps toward healthy skin. Follow a simple regime; resist the barrage of products in the department, drug, and grocery stores. There are four fundamentals to radiant skin:

Clean: Using a mild soap, wash the dirt and excess oil from your skin preferably twice a day. Avoid a cleanser that has perfumes or dyes.

Moisturize: Your skin loses a lot of moisture throughout the day due to evaporation. To aid your skin against drying out, drink plenty of water and apply a moisturizer after washing your face. Look for a moisturizer that is water-based with no perfumes or dyes.

Protect: Check the labels of your favorite lotions and foundations, do they contain sunscreen? Protect your skin from aging prematurely by religiously applying sunscreen, with a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 15. Refrain from smoking, which increases wrinkles.

Nourish: Eat properly and exercise. Your skin is a living organ and depends on nutrients and good circulation to stay healthy.