Me, Myself, and I … Do it for yourself


Me, Myself, and I … Do it for yourself

Laser resurfacing … Is it right for me?

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Get your facts straight about facial plastic surgery

When one feels better about his or her image, confidence and sense of self-worth increase. This better self-image then affects all areas of our life: professional career, social life, and self-respect. Do something for yourself to feel younger, more refreshed, happier, and self-assured. Facial plastic surgery promotes a strong positive self-image. A change on the outside will create an extraordinary change on the inside, allowing your self-confidence to soar. The following are benefits associated with facial plastic surgery:

Get noticed. Along with putting your best foot forward, put your best face forward. When people meet you, the first feature they notice is your face. Consider a rejuvenation procedure (facelift, soft tissue injections, or resurfacing) so when people see you, they see the real you–vibrant, energetic, and elegant!

Make a better first impression. Demeanor and appearance create your presentation. Facial plastic surgery can enhance your facial features while making you feel more attractive. If you feel good about yourself, you come across as self-assured and poised. Presentation is almost everything.

Get the better job. When you feel good about how you look, work production increases, you carry yourself differently, confidence emanates to others, and they respond. This revitalized confidence will help you to pursue that deserved raise or take on new responsibilities.

Get Healthy!

  • Eat a balanced, wholesome diet.
  • Drink plenty of water (coffee, tea, and soda do not count).
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Cleanse and moisturize your skin (preferably a lotion with a SPF of 15).

How can I make myself more attractive?

  • Renovate your lifestyle get healthy.
  • Look into the mirror. Take a look at your skin around your eyes and mouth (where wrinkles tend to first appear). Do you have scars you would like to be less noticeable? Are you happy with the balance of your features?
  • Make a consultation appointment. You may have no idea how to change your look, or you may have 20 ideas. Seek the advice of an expert, your facial plastic surgeon. It is his or her job to listen to your concerns, explain your options, and guide you in selecting the optimal procedure(s).

Be true to yourself. Take time to do what is right and feels good for you. Facial plastic surgery improves physical appearance. If this is the one area that you have been longing to change, then take action.