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Is that really me in the mirror? The realities of the aging face

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Hair loss: What are my options?

Ask the Surgeon
I am interested in laser resurfacing for my face. What will I look like right after treatment?

Laser resurfacing is performed to reduce the signs of aging by removing the damaged outer layer of the skin and allowing a new, supple layer to emerge. Immediately following the treatment most patients experience redness and some swelling. Your physician will be able to tell you what to expect more specifically, as it varies from patient to patient depending on the type of laser used and how much of the face is treated. Some patients have mild discomfort that can be alleviated with pain medication. Most patients feel uncomfortable returning immediately to work due to the red appearance and your physician will probably recommend that you take off work from 5 to 7 days. Again, each individual’s convalescence and appearance will depend on the extent of the treatment.

Whats New
Two recent studies suggest acupuncture as a new alternative to treating nausea following surgery. The study at Yale University analyzed 100 children following surgery and compared droperidol (anti-nausea drug) versus acupuncture in the forearm. The children who received acupuncture were significantly less likely to vomit or feel nauseated upon waking up from surgery than those taking the medication. At Duke University, 40 women having breast surgery were studied. There were three different groups; those who were given Zofran (anti-nausea drug), those who were given acupuncture, and those who received no treatment at all. Along with the benefits of anti-nausea, the women who received acupuncture were also less likely to report less pain upon waking up. As a result of these studies, acupuncture may be a very effective replacement for anti-nausea medications with no risks or side effects.

Health Tip
You have sailed through the pre-operative stage and soared through the procedure, now it is time for the recovery. If you have planned ahead of time by following these suggestions you will have a much smoother recovery period.

  • Fill any prescriptions that you will need.
  • Prepare and freeze food for the week following surgery.
  • Clean your home completely.
  • Gather a support system of family members and friends to help with post-operative responsibilities.
  • Plan your wardrobe for the day of surgery and the week following.
  • Protect yourself from sun exposure with a wide-brimmed hat and sunscreen (SPF 15).
  • Discuss with your surgeon when you can return to normal activities following surgery.
  • Pamper yourself and keep a positive attitude.