Your New Year’s Resolution: Give to Yourself


Your New Year’s Resolution: Give to Yourself

Recent Survey Reveals Increase in Cosmetic Surgery in all Ethnic Groups

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Tattoo Today, Gone Tomorrow

The holidays are about giving. You have worked hard to make friends and family feel special and now it is time to focus the attention on yourself. You are long overdue for some rest and rejuvenation. Have you considered pampering yourself with a facelift or finally getting that bump removed from your nose? Take a moment to consider if facial plastic surgery is for you, then make a consultation appointment with your facial plastic surgeon to discuss your treatment options.

Is facial plastic surgery for you?

As we age there are typical changes to your appearance. The skin becomes less resilent and more prone to drooping; fine lines start to appear under and around the eyes; and vertical wrinkles appear around the lips. For those of you that would like to look as young as you feel, there are ways to fight the aging process. The first step is to find a board certified facial plastic surgeon. You may ask a physician, beautician, or friend if they can recommend someone. Schedule a consultation appointment. This is your opportunity to tell how you feel about your features and ask questions about options for change. The surgeon will evaluate your face and discuss what treatments may be available.

What procedures are the most common?

The most popular cosmetic procedures during the winter months are rhinoplasty (nose surgery), blepharoplasty (eye surgery), and facelift.

New YearsDo you wish you could eliminate the bags from under your eyes? The upper and lower eyelids become less elastic and begin to sag over time. Fatty tissue begins to slip downward, causing protruding puffy bulges. Blepharoplasty removes excess muscle, fat, and loose skin, creating a more wide-eyed, refreshed look.

Patients who seek rhinoplasty usually feel that their nose is not in balance with the rest of their face. It may be too big, too thin, too long, or crooked with a hump. More than half a million people improve the shape of their nose through cosmetic surgery each year.

Reduce the signs of aging by tightening the drooping skin in the lower part of your face. A facelift involves lifting the skin, moving and securing the underlying connective tissue, removing excess fat and skin, redraping the skin, and then suturing the incisions. The result is smooth skin in the lower two-thirds of the face with more definition in the neck and jaw line.

Whether you are considering a major procedure or a minor treatment regime, your facial plastic surgeon will help you step back and take care of yourself. Ring in the New Year with a new, rejuvenated you!