Facial proportions and how to achieve a balanced profile


Facial proportions and how to achieve a balanced profile

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Does my nose fit in with the rest of my face? Is my chin in proportion to my other features? Take a look at your profile. An attractive profile is one where the features are in balance with each other. Whether you are considering surgery or not, make an appointment with your facial plastic surgeon for a total face evaluation. Your physician will assess each feature and how it affects your overall look. Perhaps you would benefit from nasal surgery, chin augmentation, or a combination of procedures. Regardless of the approach, the results will not only look better, but also make you feel like a new person.

Balanced Features

When your facial plastic surgeon evaluates your face, he or she will take into consideration general guidelines for facial proportions. From the frontal view, the nose should lie within parallel lines drawn down from the inner corners of the eyes to the nostrils. Viewed from beneath it, the base of the nose should appear triangular, and the nostrils should be symmetrical in shape and size. When evaluating the chin, a vertical line drawn down from the edge of your lower lip should just touch your chin. If the tip of your chin is behind the line, chin augmentation may be beneficial. If it extends beyond the line, you may want to consider reduction mentoplasty, or surgery to reduce your chin size. A profile view can also allow the surgeon to see the shape of your forehead. If it is long and sloping, it can make the nose appear more prominent.

Nasal Surgery

Patients who would like to improve the shape of their nose often request to improve symmetry, to increase or decrease the nose in size, to reduce a hump, to shape the tip or bridge, to narrow the span of the nostrils, or to change the angle between the nose and upper lip. Your surgeon will feel your nose to determine the balance of cartilage and bone beneath. Then, photographs will be taken from several angles and analyzed. Chin Surgery Mentoplasty, or surgery of the chin, is often performed to improve a receding chin, reduce a jutting or too prominent chin, and to redefine the chin and neckline. In some instances, your surgeon will recommend mentoplasty in addition to rhinoplasty because a small chin can make the nose appear to protrude more than it does, or it can accentuate a hump on the nose. While a patient may feel that their nose is too big, it may be that their chin and jaw line are not pronounced enough to bring balance to the nose.

If you would like to bring more balance to your face, start by making an appointment with your facial plastic surgeon. Your physician will help you determine the optimal plan for a balanced and beautiful profile.