The advantages of rejuvenation at an early age


The advantages of rejuvenation at an early age

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A more youthful appearance and smooth complexion are pleasing and desirable. As we age, it becomes more difficult to retain that healthy, young glow. More patients – both men and women – are having rejuvenating procedures at a younger age. There are many benefits to this trend, such as less invasive procedures that leave you looking fresher instead of altered, supple skin that heals faster, and little recovery time. The ultimate benefit for the patient is that you can remain younger-looking longer.

Why wait to rejuvenate? Rejuvenate means to make new. Patients agree that it is physically easier to have a series of smaller procedures starting at a younger age that are less invasive, then to wait and have a major procedure down the road. Why would you wait to benefit your emotional well-being as well? The boost in self-confidence and self-esteem is obtainable now.

Janice W., 35 years old, was not happy with the wrinkles that were around her eyes, making her look much older than she felt. “I was looking at some recent photographs taken of myself and couldn’t believe how old my eyes looked,” says Janice. “The best decision I made was making the consultation appointment, where I was reassured that there were minor procedures that could be done now to renew and revitalize my appearance.” Janice decided to have Botox injections and was very pleased with the results. “It boosted my self-confidence like you wouldn’t believe,” says Janice. “I’m so glad I didn’t wait!” Janice also reports that most of her friends and family told her she looked, “great” and “happier,” but did not attribute the revitalized look to anything physical.

Kevin S., 38 years old, states, “In my profession, it is very important to maintain a certain look. I told myself that when the muscles of my face started going south, I would have something done – right away. I didn’t want to wait so long that surgery would cause a remarkable difference,” says Kevin. “Two months ago, I had a mini-facelift. It didn’t give me a new face; it gave me back my old face, the way it was 10 years ago. The changes were so subtle that no one had any idea I did it, and that’s what I wanted – to look like me, only better.”

If you would like to be proactive in fighting against the aging process, make a consultation appointment to discuss what your options are.