Extreme Makeover brings your inner beauty to the forefront


Extreme Makeover brings your inner beauty to the forefront

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The phenomenon of the television show, Extreme Makeover on the ABC network, has everyone talking about making over one’s total appearance. Each week, viewers see firsthand how an undesirable pre-makeover appearance can limit a patient’s self-esteem and how deeply the participants are affected by the change. The show addresses having multiple procedures, the recovery process, and the final results of having cosmetic surgery.

I love watching Extreme Makeover , says Katie S., an avid watcher. I am always interested to see what procedures they are going to suggest, and it has given me good ideas as to what I might change as well. Multiple facial plastic procedures are often done concurrently; the patients depicted are going to the extreme in the number of procedures and body parts they are addressing at once. Featured procedures include rhinoplasty (nose surgery), blepharoplasty (eye surgery), lip enhancement, Botox injections, porcelain veneers, and more.

If you are considering having more than one area of your face enhanced or improved, there are advantages to having the surgeries simultaneously, such as fewer anesthetic administrations, shorter cumulative surgical time, shorter cumulative recovery time, and more dramatic results. However, more surgery means more to heal.

The recovery process on the television show depicts convalescence realistically. The patients endure some bruising and swelling initially; although, it should be noted that these are patients who have had a number of procedures. Your recovery process will depend on what procedure you are having and the invasiveness of the surgery.

Extreme Makeover is also very appealing in how the participants’ stories are shared. The show concentrates on the psychological effects of cosmetic surgery; the patients find that dramatic changes in their appearances significantly and positively impact their lives. Studies have proven this correlation between improving one’s appearance and increasing self-image. The show allows the public to witness this transformation repeatedly with each patient.

When you see them pre-makeover and listen to their stories, says Katie, you identify with certain aspects of their insecurities. You want them to feel better about themselves and when you see them through the makeover you can’t help but feel elated with the end result and seeing the person so confident and happy inside and out, says Katie.

The television series has brought awareness of cosmetic surgery, an acceptance that it is okay to enhance your appearance, and also recognition of the benefitsinside and outsideto patients. Come in for your consultation appointment to discuss your minor or major makeover.

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