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Physicians are treating the whole patient with complementary servicesi.e., supplementary, not freeto reduce nervousness, enhance healing, and maximize patient satisfaction. The goal is to provide state of the art reconstructive and cosmetic services and merge it with nurturance and inclusive care. Find out what services are up-andcoming and what the benefits are for patients.

Research has shown that the more relaxed and comfortable a patient is before surgery, the better his or her onvalescence. Education is the first step. Your physician will provide a thorough explanation of what to expect before, during, and after the procedure. Do not hesitate to ask questions and make sure your expectations are realistic.

Additional steps to make you feel at ease may occur a few days before or the day of surgery such as aromatherapy, relaxing music, guided imagery tapes, reflexology, or acupressure. A massage can improve circulation, deepen relaxation, and provide an increased sense of physical and emotional well-being. This relaxed state helps minimize the release of epinephrine and cortisone; these hormones increase the body’s tendency to swell and bruise. Depending on your procedure, your physician may also recommend these same treatments to relieve pain and promote healing after your procedure.

Satisfied patients are requesting more peripheral services from their facial plastic surgeons. Clients want to come to one place that they trust and purchase skin care products or spa treatments such as facials and massages. I feel like I am getting a better caliber of services because I know my surgeon is overseeing everything, states Judy. For me, the massages made the whole experience much less stressful. Judy expressed that even though she was nervous the day of her rhinoplasty, the physical relaxation of the massage and the feeling of being cared for made all the difference. When the physician addresses the physical and emotional needs of the patient, the result is a satisfied client.

Liz, a new patient, explains that it was the complementary services that enabled her to get my feet wet before diving into a major procedure. Liz had a consultation appointment and the surgeon recommended getting a facial with aromatherapy. I was impressed that he sensed I was nervous and after we talked about different anti-aging options, we decided that this was a good first step.

Your facial plastic surgeon is the expert when it comes to your face and neck. In order to optimize your experience, you will want to take advantage of these complementary servicesfrom comprehensive wellbeing to pampering and relaxationyour physician will help you reduce anxiety, promote healing, and maximize satisfaction.