Second Quarter 2010, Volume 24, Number 3

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Troubled about hair thinning and hair loss… know the facts


I am considering laser hair removal for the hair above my lip. Is it permanent? I have heard that the hair still may grow in after treatment.

Depending on your skin type and hair color, laser hair removal can be permanent as long as you follow your doctor’s full treatment plan. Laser hair removal uses a beam of high intensity light to penetrate the skin tissue, where it is absorbed by the dark pigment of the hair shaft, destroying the follicle.

The darker the hair is, the more effective the laser treatment. Blonde, gray, and some red hair pigments may not respond to the treatment. Results are permanent, although multiple sessions are required to treat new hairs as they come into cycle, usually over an 18-month period. Getting rid of unwanted facial hair can be liberating and a real confidence booster. If you are self-conscious about the hair on your face, come in to discuss your options with your physician.


Are you considering having more than one treatment or procedure? If so, combining those procedures might be the right option for you. This discussion should begin during the consultation appointment. Talk with your facial plastic surgeon about what areas you are considering enhancing. Each case is considered based on the unique needs, goals, and health of the patient.

Patients see the opportunity to combine procedures as a good way to save time and money—while gaining improvements and satisfaction sooner! As one patient states, “I had limited vacation time and didn’t want to use it all on two separate surgeries. Thankfully, I was able to have the nose surgery and cheek implants done at the same time. This also meant only one recovery period.”

Whether it is a combination of treatments, such as a photofacial and Botox; a combination of surgeries, such as blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) and forehead lift; or a mix of both, your physician will explain your options and what may or may not be combined for optimal results.


Virtual consultations are on the rise. Some prospective patients are sending e-mails with photographs, requesting an evaluation and opinion from their physician. Other patients schedule a Web-cam and phone interview appointment. Some physicians see this as another way to reach out to prospective clients that otherwise would not make an appointment— whether it is from embarrassment, lack of time, geographic location, etc.

Other physicians are not sold on using technology for this purpose, citing the exchange offers less of a connection than face to face visits. Prospective patients state the convenience and non-committal interface are advantages. Stay tuned to see if virtual consultations continue to become popular or become a secondary means to contact a physician.