Virtual Exam
View our interactive face feature that highlights the most common areas in which facial plastic surgery is performed. Let this feature help you find out the name of the procedure for the part of the face that you wish to have surgery on. Click here to go the Virtual Exam Room.

Procedure Types
Once you have decided which procedure(s) may be right for you, then go here to check out the Facial Plastic Surgery Patient Information Series. There are twelve different sections featuring various facial plastic surgery procedures.

Frequently Asked Questions / Charts
Are you still unsure if facial plastic surgery is right for you? See the the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about facial plastic surgery.

Before & After
See the benefits of facial plastic surgery with these before and after photos.

Glossary of Terms
Are you confused by all the medical terminology? Click here for a list of terms and their definitions.

Face Book
Preview the new edition of the Academy’s popular consumer guide. It opens with a look at the spectrum of people who are seeking facial plastic surgery. Through actual patient interviews – and numerous before and after photographs – the book dramatically illustrates that surgery is no longer for just the rich and famous. It is the solution sought by people from all walks of life, ethnic backgrounds, and ages who want to improve facial harmony, rejuvenate premature signs of aging, or repair problems present from birth or caused by accident or illness. Follow the link at the bottom of this section to order a copy of your own.