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Founders Club Guidelines

Founders Club Guidelines

Since its birth at the Rattlesnake Club in Denver, your Founders Club has continued to grow and now boasts a membership of more than 90 facial plastic surgeons. Thus, we have a solid base of individuals devoted to the Academy’s Foundation and the future of facial plastic surgery. Because it is not our intent to establish an elitist group, we feel it is important to state clearly our membership standards and goals.


  • A Founders Club member should have been an emeritus member, fellow, or member of the Academy for at least five (5) years and be in good standing and current in membership in the Academy.
  • A membership invitation is extended by the Founders Club officers.
  • The initiation fee is $1,000 and is added to the Foundation endowment.
  • The annual dues are $500.

Proposed Activities

  • Help support the creation of an international education and training program in facial plastic surgery.
  • Help collect, retain and display historical memorabilia instructive on the subject of the development of facial plastic surgery.
  • Help support fund raising for the Foundation and any other projects and tasks which are consistent with the educational and research programs of the Foundation.

Rewards Of Membership

  • Recognition for financial support of the Foundation’s long-range goals.
  • Opportunity to actively ensure the growth of the AAFPRS and facial plastic surgery.
  • Personal satisfaction and enjoyment through association with dedicated leaders of facial plastic surgery, highlighted by the annual black-tie event.

To learn more about the history of The Founders Club, please contact Ann K. Holton Director of Development (703) 299-9291 ext. 229


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