Consumer Education Series

Patient Education Brochures

A series of 13 brochures were developed specifically for educating patients on various facial plastic surgery procedures. Each brochure features four-color illustrations and an easy-to-read text. These brochures can be used to market your practice and educate patients considering facial plastic surgery. The beautiful illustrations and easily understood explanations are equally useful as a before-consultation informational piece, or as part of the initial consultation with the surgeon.

Available titles include:

Treatment of Facial Wrinkles
Forehead and Browlift Surgery
Laser Surgery
Hair Replacement Surgery
Facial Scar Revision
Skin Resurfacing
What is a Facial Plastic Surgeon? (for patients)
• What is a Facial Plastic Surgeon? (for referring physicians)

* Available in Spanish

CP1 • $80 per 100 brochures member/ $155 per 100 brochures non-member

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