Consumer Education Series

The Consultation Brochure
The latest addition to the AAFPRS patient series

  • Prepare new patients for their initial consultation.
  • Send “the consultation brochure” when you confirm appointments.
  • Elegantly designed piece fits into your regular office, #10 envelopes.
  • Features eight easy-to-read pages stitched into the cover with inside front and back pockets.
  • Tuck your own customized, practice brochure (see below) in the inside front pocket.
  • Slip AAFPRS patient brochures in the inside back pocket.

CP2 • $120 per 100 brochures member/ $205 per 100 brochures non-member

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And its elegant companion…

Your own custom practice brochure

  • Tell your patients about your practice.
  • Let us create your brochure with these personal features:
    – Your practice name and logo.
    – Your photo and a biographical sketch.
    – A list of the procedures you perform.
    – Office hours.
    – Appointment scheduling.
    – Locations where you perform surgery.
    – Payment policy.
    – Directions to your office.
    – Address, phone and fax numbers, e-mail and Web Site addresses.
  • Designed to match the consultation brochure.

CP3 •
$525 per 500 brochures member/$695 per 500 brochures non-member
$646 per 1,000 brochures member/$846 per 1,000 brochures non-member
$710 per 1,500 brochures member/$910 per 1,500 brochures non-member
$800 per 2,000 brochures member/$1,000 per 2,000 brochures non-member

Available in lots of 500 (volume discounts available)

* This product is not currently available for purchase online.
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