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Questions abound regarding facial plastic and reconstructive surgery. What better way to inform your patients and potential patients about what is happening than through Facial Plastic Surgery Today? This four-page, four-color quarterly consumer newsletter deals with all aspects of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, and in addition to a number of newsworthy features, regularly carries such columns as “Ask the Surgeon,” “Beauty Tips,” and “What’s New.”

The perfect primer for facial plastic surgery patients and referral sources:

  • Send it to your patients and to referring physicians and other health professionals.
  • Buy mailing lists and send it to targeted members of the community.
  • Leave it in your waiting room and ask patients to pass a copy on to a friend.
  • Share copies with cosmeticians, hair stylists, dentists, managers of exercise salons, and others concerned with helping men and women make the most of their appearance.

The newsletter comes in three formats:
Option 1 – personalized, four-color version, imprinted with your name and address, then printed in bulk by the Academy and mailed to you for distribution;
Option 2 – black and white “camera-ready” for you to customize, print and distribute as you direct; and
Option 3 – non-personalized, four-color version, printed and mailed to you in bulk for your own distribution. The third option allows you to use your own office stamp or label on the back page of the newsletter.

CP6 • The cost varies depending on the option and quantity.

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