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AAFPRS Print Advertising Kit
A Complete How-to Guide and Advertising Design System

A completely unique advertising style kit with up to 30 possible ad variants that can be customized to YOUR practice — a digital advertising archive with Academy approved print advertising templates that you can customize or use as they are! Each kit includes five ads: general practice, facelift, rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, and skin resurfacing. You can use these just as they are by inserting your logo and other key information about your practice — or you can customize them even further. With each kit you’ll receive 30 Academy approved photos, illustrations, and 40 headline ideas with supporting text. Plus, you also receive a simplified Print Advertising Knowledge Guide so you or anyone on your staff can become an advertising buying expert.

The Advertising Kit will:
• Help you establish your own unique advertising campaign.
• Build awareness of your practice in your community and beyond.
• Save you thousands of dollars in the cost of ad preparation and help you develop your own advertising portfolio.
• Give you the flexibility to choose prepared, ready-to-publish advertisements or create your own customized advertisements.
• Allow you to take full advantage of your affiliation with the Academy and establish its value and increase yours within your community.

PM2 • $1,020 member/not available to non-members

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