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Can genioplasty be reversed to fix a bulb chin. Surgery was over 15 yrs. ago.

The term genioplasty should first be clarified. If you are talking about a procedure known as “sliding genioplasty” in which bone is moved to push the chin forward, then my understanding is that the bone could be moved back and refixated although i do not perform this procedure myself. Alternatively, if you mean that this is a chin implant that you have then it should be removable. some types of implants are easily removed like silicone or silastic, some more difficult like Gore-Tex (expanded polytetraflouroethylene, ePTFE) and some are very difficult to remove like Med-Por.

My chin is very diminished.

Question: Would I benefit from a chin implant procedure?

Answer: Of course, it is impossible to dispense medical advice directly on this web site.  However, a small chin in general does respond well to a chin implant procedure.  An important consideration when dealing with individuals with small chins refers to their dentition (their teeth).  Sometimes an individual with malocclusion (bad overbite or other problem with closing their mouth) may be better suited with a relatively bigger, more invasive procedure known as an orthognathic procedure.  Discussing your situation with a facial plastic surgeon, orthodontist, dentist, and/or oro-maxillo-facial surgeon may be helpful in figuring out what would be the best procedure for you.  If your teeth are not an issue or if orthodontic work is sufficient to make things relatively well aligned, then a chin implant can be a good, easy solution to your problem.